Use Adobe Dreamweaver to Build a Great Website

Adobe Dreamweaver is a very popular tool used for website design and development. The most recent version available is CS6 (Creative Studio 6). This new version provides numerous upgrades and enhanced capabilities that users have to come to expect from Dreamweaver. There are many benefits of using this product.  Here are some of them.

Faster Design and Editing Capabilities

Creating and editing a website can be very labor intensive and complicated. One of the primary benefits of Dreamweaver is that it makes writing code easier and more efficient. It uses CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which helps to automate the coding process. A great deal of the code needed for web design has already been created. This is very helpful for users who are not die-hard coders, or simply don’t know the ins and outs of every existing code function. Dreamweaver also has the unique capability of being able to detect and correct errors.  Decreasing the amount of superfluous code can make for quicker website upload times.

File management system

Another benefit of Dreamweaver is its file management system. Users are able to quickly switch between pages and files. The preview option makes it easy for coders to track changes and see how they appear in a live browser. They can view how the website will actually look for users.

FTP Upload Time

The FTP (File Transfer Protocol) integrated in Dreamweaver makes uploading numerous files quick and painless.  It also includes keyboard shortcuts to make the upload process even more efficient.

Drag and drop capabilities

In the event users want to bypass coding certain parts, or simply do know how to do them, Dreamweaver allows you to drag and drop it into a window. This built-in functionality is another example of how the program can save time.

Available template files

Using the Dreamweaver template files enables faster coding and editing. Different pages can be simultaneously changed rather than having to change each page individually. Users are also able to design their own templates, if desired, when using Dreamweaver. This additional functionality provides an added layer of flexibility and customization when designing a website.

Pick a browser

When Dreamweaver was first rolled out, it was only compatible with Netscape Navigator. Now almost any browser works with Dreamweaver. This further increases the options and flexibility available to those who use Dreamweaver.

Roll over buttons

Creating roll over buttons was not a simple thing to do until Dreamweaver. The program automates roll-over button development which simplifies the process. Dreamweaver includes pre-programmed flash buttons. This enables rollover functions that can be easily selected and integrated in a website.

Pop-up menus

One of the most praised features of Adobe program is that it allows the webmaster to create wonderful pop-up menus. You only need to do small tinkering and the rest will be handled by the program itself. You can also create web forms with Dreamweaver and send them to anyone via email. This makes it very easy to create surveys, and other types of forms, for your websites.

Easy to use

Dreamweaver has been consistently recognized as an easy to use web design tool. Numerous straightforward tutorials are included in the program which provides ample information on how to utilize it. Even beginners who have no coding training can start building new content. Many other programs require a high level of coding experience before someone can even think about using them.

Constant product innovation

Dreamweaver developers have consistently worked on improving the product. They constantly look for ways to add new functionality and streamline capabilities.  Whether you are a novice or an experienced web designer, they want the product to be easy to use.

Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the most innovative and easy to use website development tools available,  ideal for small business and big business websites alike.