Upcoming Intense Esports Tournaments You Should Follow

Competitive tournaments are usually held every month featuring different game genres and professional teams that perform their best to achieve the best results. Many online gaming sites have opened up the opportunity for esports gambling to bet on teams that compete in prestigious tournaments.

Being present in the live arena is something that you should experience at least once in your life. The spectators’ cheering is motivation enough for the pro players to keep on fighting until the very last second. The incredible atmosphere of gaming fans, all united together to celebrate all that is esports.

Here are the next four esports events that you must watch:

DreamHack Open Valencia 2018

The DreamHack organisers will bring all the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive action to Valencia in Spain. The esports event will be held between 12th until 14th July at the Feria Valencia arena. The top eight Counter-Strike teams get to compete against each other for the first prize of an astounding $50K.

Last year’s DreamHack Valencia saw the CS Heroic players managed to reach the Semifinals but beaten by the Red Reserve team with a record of 1-2. Meanwhile the Blue team, EnVyUs were defeated by Ninjas in Pyjamas, with a score of 2-1. The grand finals saw the Ninjas dressed in Pyjamas defeat the Red squad of Reserves with a remarkable record of 2-0, taking home the astonishing prize of $50K.

The best five Counter-Strike squads that invited to this year’s DreamHack Valencia 2018 are AGO Esports, G2, Heroic, North and Virtus.Pro. Another three CSGO teams had to go through qualifying matches to participate in the CSGO tournament. The lucky units that won the qualifiers include Fragsters for the European region, Luminosity Gaming for North America and Giants Gaming for the Iberian region.

From all the participating teams, North is the highest CSGO ranking team according to, followed by the Hawks from AGO Esports, Polish favourites Virtus. Pro, Counter-Strike Heroic players.

Recent roster changes have seen Richard ‘Shox’ Papillon and Edouard ‘SmithZz’ Dubourdeaux return to G2 Esports together with Kevin ‘Ex6TenZ’ Droolans who stepped in as their temporary team captain. Meanwhile, Luminosity has recently signed on the Brazilian funny twin pro players, HEN1 and LUCAS1to their current lineup. The Fragsters and Giants have yet to prove their capabilities in-game for this is their opportunity to rank better in Major tournaments like DreamHack Valencia 2018. Which Counter-Strike team will you place your esports gambling on to win the Championship?

Eleague CSGO Premier 2018

After the hype in Valencia, another set of best CSGO teams will be in attendance at the Eleague CSGO Premier 2018 in Atlanta. Bombs will explode, and rhythmic shots will be fired on the 21st till 29th of July so take cover at the G-Fuel Eleague Arena. Eight professional squads will get to compete in a premier competition that offers a prize pool of a staggering $1 million.

All eight CSGO teams have been invited to participate at the Eleague CSGO Premier 2018. Faze Clan rank in the first place according to after winning ESL One Belo Horizonte, IEM Sydney and IEM Katowice 2018. The star players of Astralis rank in second among the top 5 CSGO teams in the world, winning ECS Season 5, ESL Pro League Season 7 and DreamHack Masters Marseille.

The former SK Gaming players are now playing under Made in Brazil which was acquired recently by Immortals. At the moment ranking in third place, MIBR team will continue to keep up their performances after taking the title of Moche XL Esports and the Adrenaline Cyber League 2018.

Mouse sports has the potential to be on top, but sometimes they struggle against strong units like Faze Clan, Navi and Astralis. While Team Liquid have had a few struggles against North and Astralis, will they improve on their strategies in time for the Eleague Premier?

Another favourite is Navi, a squad that have not had any roster changes since Denis ‘seized’ Kostin left in January 2018. Their performances look promising as they have won CS: GO Asia Championships 2018 and the StarSeries&i-League Season 5.

Fnatic has not won any tournaments since March 2018 at the WESG 2017 outplaying Space Soldiers with a score of 2-1 to win the first prize of $800K and a surprising win over Faze Clan at the IEM Katowice to take the title, take home the grand prize of $250K.

As for Cloud 9, they have not been so consistent in their performances over the past few months since their excellent win at the Eleague Major Boston 2018 and then finished in second place at CS Summit 2. Will Cloud 9 improve their skills in time for Eleague CSGO Premier?

The International 2018

The most significant esports event of the year is The International 2018, hosted in Canada for the first time. To be more precise, the Dota 2 tournament will take place in Vancouver, the warmest city also known as the ’Hollywood of the North’. One thing to keep in mind, make sure to think earlier if you intend to watch live matches of The International 2018 in the arena as traffic is the worst nightmare.

The International 8 will take place on the 15th till 25th August, and until now the total prize pool has reached over a staggering $19.5 million. In fact, the prize pool is set to increase through the Battle Pass where you can purchase items and bonuses such as Immortal treasure, Player card packs, Challenge tokens and much more.

At the moment, the most potent units for betting on esports include Virtus. Pro, PSG.LGD, VGJ.Storm, Team Liquid, Optic Gaming, Team Secret, Mineski, Vici Gaming and Newbee that will participate in The International dota 2 tournament. The Qualifying contenders include OG representing Europe, Winstrike for the Common Independent States, Team Serenity and Invictus Gaming representing China. For South East Asia Fnatic and TNC, while VGJ. Storm, Evil Geniuses and Optic for North America, last but not least Pain Gaming for South America.

The past performances of pro teams at esports tournaments held over the past few weeks will help you determine which professional team is the best to place your best esports gambling bets. An opportunity for squads to making a name for themselves and history in the competitive scene, receiving what they deserve for their hard work and training.