Social Media

Transforming Your Social Media Profile

At the beginning of the social media craze, many people weren’t aware of the power that this new form of communication held.  Starting out as a great way to keep in contact with family and friends, social media went viral, and grew at astronomical rates.  These days, it’s not uncommon to see someone with thousands of friends or followers on their media profile page.  While having a social media profile can be beneficial in many ways, many people aren’t aware of the impact that it can have on their life.

There are many horror stories of people posting derogatory comments about their boss or work, only to have their boss, who they had forgotten was their friend or follower, post a response.  When posting comments on social media sites, it is important to keep in mind that others can read your posts and comments, as well as the posts and comments of your friends.  You can customize your privacy settings in order to allow certain friends to see certain material on your profile; however, you should not rely on this feature to work flawlessly.  While some have customized their settings incorrectly, others have forgotten to save their changes, and have been left with inappropriate messages posted to their entire friend population.

You can learn a lot about a person by viewing their social media profile.  Photos, posts, and comments can depict a person’s general character and show their personality traits.  What some people don’t realize is that what you post on social media websites may haunt you forever.  A recent survey reported that 35% of college admissions officers regularly review social media websites to view material on the applicant’s profile.  They admit that looking at applicants profile pages allows them to learn about their life story, hobbies, passions, and family life.  Social media profiles have become a research tool used by leaders and professionals in many areas.  So, how does this affect you?

Colleges and universities seek to admit students that will uphold the reputation of the school.  They are looking for someone who will bring unique qualities to their school.  Simply by filling out the application packet, you can see that your personal goals and intellectual development plays a large role in whether or not you will be considered for admittance.  Many schools and even online colleges and advanced online mba programs have a thorough vetting process for potential applicants.

Portray Your Best Self

If you are entering into the college admissions process or are going to in the near future, use your social media profile to portray a positive side of yourself.  Post photographs of your family, hobbies, friends, sports, volunteer work, and other worthwhile activities that you enjoy.  Refrain from posting a picture of your friends late night party, or your latest tattoo.  You can still be yourself; however, use your profile to sell your strengths, and hide your weaknesses.

If you are non-traditional student, show the university about your life.  Whether you are working full-time, have a family, or are a single parent, you can grab the hearts of the admissions representatives with your life story.

Control Your Rants

Where some people like to vent their anger on their social media page, they may come across as hot tempered or anxious.  Feel free to express your ideas about things that you’re passionate about, such as politics, sports, academic debates, family vacations, and other topics that will create the image that you want to portray.  Although you may be passionate about something, you want to refrain from making offensive comments.  Make sure that you use appropriate language and construct your ideas clearly.

Join Appropriate Pages or Groups

Next time you ‘like’ something, decide if it is something that you want everyone to see.  For instance, instead of liking the beer distribution company, you may want to like the new art museum downtown, or a concert that is coming to town.  If an admissions officer was to view your profile page, you want them to see that you are well-rounded, and enjoy doing things that make you a better person.