The Top Tools for Graphic Designers

Some of the most powerful tools and resources that a Graphic Designer has at their disposable are often those that are overlooked because sometimes they are pretty basic. Graphics and business related software are essential for graphic design and there are many of these programmes that are easily accessible via either download or for a worthwhile price. Some of these programmes don’t just simply help you with your creative energy; they also help productivity, social interaction and organisation when you have a big project that needs to be done. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out or looking to learn new techniques; the following software has been proven to be successful in aiding designers.


Adobe sets the industry standard for graphic designers and creating content; this includes programmes such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash and Acrobat. All of the programmes each serve their own purpose like photo editing, layout work and illustration. Every job that comes by will usually require knowledge of at least one, if not all of these product programmes.


Dribble is a social network community of designers; web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, typographers, logo designers etc. Dribble’s community allows members to share small screenshots that show their work, and in effect shows what they have been working on. Designers are able to promote, discover and explore design using tips and advice from their fellow dribblers. Being a graphic designer, you will want to make a big impact with a logo, to make a big impact – like transferring your logo onto a large printed poster?

Deviant Art

DeviantART is a great way to find inspiring ideas for designers; deviantART is a massive online community which includes fantasy art, fan art, photos and drawings. On this platform designers are able to save, share and shop for art as well as support other local and aspiring artists.

Page crush is an Inspirational Design Hub. Page Crush displays the popular designs of web designers, photographers, Print Designers and other accomplished representative of sites they are portraying like having their work appreciated and recognized.

Font Doctor

Font Doctor is literally a life saver. When working as a graphic designer there is no doubt that you are going to have hundreds of different fonts on your computer. When having hundreds of fonts on your computer you are bound to have some issues such as having multiple fonts with the same name, corrupted files etc. This is when Font Doctor will save your life, Font Doctor for the Mac will help repair and organize your fonts to clean up and avoid these issues.


The Forrst community is an amazing community and platform where developers and designers can both give and receive feedback from others in the Industry. Your work improves when you get continuous feedback and helpful honesty from others around you. Forrst recognises that feedback is essential to design, and by giving and receive productive feedback, everybody’s ideas are able to blossom.

Page Crush

These are just a few of the top tools which Graphic designers can use to improve their methods and techniques for graphic design and keeping yourself organised. There are some great programmes out there that will help you every step of the way. Why not join a community of fellow designers and share inspirations and methods, receive feedback and much more.


What have you got to lose?