Mobile Apps

Top Ten Business Apps of 2012

Contrary to popular belief, apps aren’t just for gamers. There are a wide range of apps that will not only save you time in the office but will increase your efficiency outside of it too.

1. LinkedIn

For many businessmen and women, LinkedIn is a handy contact management and industry networking service. The LinkedIn app enables you to dump your wallet full of business cards and arrive back at your office with access to the details of all the professionals you have met whilst on the move. It prevents you from losing valuable business contacts and provides you with updates so that you are always in the know with regards to the working projects and locations of the key figures in your industry and beyond.

2. Skype

The Skype app enables you to stay in touch with your close contacts, wherever you happen to be in the world. Through the app, you can make and receive free video calls over 3G and Wi-Fi networks and send instant messages to colleagues in the office. If you add Skype Credit to your account, you can make cheap phone calls to landlines and mobiles, connect up to the Internet at public Wi-Fi hotspots and send text messages at cheap rates. Through the use of a Premium account, you can make group video calls and enjoy unlimited phone calls to the country of your choosing.

3. Evernote

Evernote allows you to keep track of your life’s happenings by helping you to gather notes, jot down ideas, produce voice memos and take snapshots that you can then sync with your computer. If your best ideas are generated while you are on your travels, you can use this app to organise your ideas and review them at a later date.

4. PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro transforms the standard PDF reader by providing you with a range of valuable extras. It grants you the chance to view large PDFs, convert a range of file formats into PDFs, and fill in and sign PDF forms. The app also enables you to annotate your PDFs with sticky notes and share your files on GoogleDocs and Dropbox.

5. Numbers

Numbers is a spreadsheet app that has been specifically designed for use on mobile devices. With over 250 functions, it lets you create complex spreadsheets in a matter of minutes and puts tables, graphs and pie charts at your fingertips. The app is compatible with iCloud, so it enables you to keep your spreadsheets up-to-date across a whole range of iOS devices.

6. Google Maps

If you are prone to getting lost, Google Maps will enable you to learn your precise location, obtain directions to your next destination and view the latest transport information in real-time. The app’s accuracy is second-to-none and makes asking for directions a thing of the past.

7. Todo

Todo is a work planner app that offers multiple reminder alerts and subtask checklists for large tasks, ensuring that you always keep on top of your to-do list. The Pro version of Todo is equipped with all the standard features you would expect from a task manager app, all while enabling you to access tasks through commonly used web browsers, generate shared task lists for collaborative tasks and projects, and create tasks through Siri.

8. Popplet

Mind-mapping app Popplet is a platform for capturing your ideas and sorting them out visually. Popplet Lite is free of charge but only lets you create a single popplet. The paid-for version of the app, meanwhile, lets you generate an unlimited number of online popplets, which can be shared amongst, and edited by, other users.

9. FlightAware Live Flight Tracker

This free, real-time flight tracker app lets you keep tabs on flight statuses and track any commercial flight on a world map. You can track your chosen flight through entering the aircraft registration number, route, flight number, airline, or airport code.

10. Dropbox

Dropbox enables you to take your files with you wherever you go. Through the use of this app, you can store files for instant offline viewing and upload photos and videos for rapid reference. The files you upload can be freely shared with colleagues from across the globe.