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Top-Selling Earplugs In 2019: What To Look For While Choosing One


When progress in technology is made, new means for comfort are almost inevitable. A century before, people didn’t have earplugs to help them sleep or concentrate on work, for example. If you’re a frequent flyer who’s no stranger to long flights, you’d know the comforts brought by earplugs. If you’re someone who can’t sleep with any audible noise, chances are you’d already have these earplugs on your desk. 

In the market, right now, there are several releases from earplug brands, each with their specific functions, price points, and materials. If you’re on the lookout for the top-selling earplugs this year that you can use, compare the features that they offer and see which one best fits your current lifestyle.

Comfortable Fit

earplugs for sleep

If you need earplugs for sleeping, this should ideally be the first feature to look for. Getting an earplug that fits snugly in your ears should be key to getting that comfy, noise-free sleep. According to reviews, Silicone proves effective in providing ergonomic comfort to your ears while fitting enough to not fall off while you’re sleeping. 

In choosing such products, consider your prevalent sleeping position. Are you more of a side sleeper, or do you sleep on your back more? This factor matters in choosing earplugs for sleeping, as some brands create such products that are tailored for a specific sleeping position.

Noise Reduction

Noise reduction is just as important of a feature to consider, especially for people who often get exposed to loud noises. These include live musicians, construction site workers, or airplane personnel. If comfortable earplugs are a must for sound sleep, effective noise reduction products are necessary for ear protection. It’s common knowledge that deafness can be caused by constantly hearing loud sounds. This can impact your ability to work effectively daily, which makes earplugs an accessory worth investing in. When you’re choosing among earplugs with noise reduction features, make sure to check if the product blocks noise, but still lets you hear other sounds. This way, you can remain alert to your peers and surroundings while blocking the noise out.

Skin-Safe Materials

Since you’ll likely be working or sleeping with the earplugs for hours, it’s necessary to pick those that are made of hypoallergenic materials. This helps protect your ears from getting irritated, which could disrupt your work or sleeping pattern. In fact, hypoallergenic earplugs can be secured from an audiologist, someone who specializes in hearing and its disorders. Using hypoallergenic earplugs not only helps ensure the health of your skin but also saves you from itching that comes from or the treatment of irritated ears. Keep this in mind the next time you’re getting earplugs for a long flight or ride, whether it’s you who’ll be using it or your child. In the case of the latter, skin safety becomes a more important factor to account for. 

Portability Features

Portable earplugs are not exactly few and far between, but not many come in travel-friendly cases or those that are durable enough. What’s worse are earplugs that may don’t come with cases at all. When you’re looking for an earplug or its case, see if the material used is long-lasting. Aluminum cases are a good example since the metal can survive wear and tear from daily use. 

Another aspect of portable cases to look into would be non-stick features. Non-stick functions help people with sweaty hands who might find it hard to get the earphones out of the cases. The non-stick feature usually comes in the interior of the case. Having this means there would be fewer chances of the earplugs slipping out of your hands.

Water And Heat Resistance


Speaking of portability and travel, there might be instances that you’ll be carrying earplugs while in transit or the outdoors. It’s therefore beneficial to choose earplugs that come in waterproof or heat-resistant seals. This surely comes in handy when you accidentally get the earplugs exposed to outdoor elements, be it rain or even moisture from your fingers. This becomes more necessary of a feature for earplugs with built-in electronics, like noise reduction earplugs. 

Having these products exposed to heat or water might result in ruined electronics. Protecting your earplugs from moisture also helps you avoid potential infections, especially if you’ll be sharing the plugs with others.

Size Options

Another feature to look for would be size options, considering how not everyone has the same earlobe size. If you’re a parent looking for earplugs that can fit your children’s ears, you can choose brands that have different sizes. This way, you can keep things consistent and might even score a discount from purchasing from the same brand. Wearing earplugs that poorly fit your ears might make you uncomfortable, all while putting the earplugs at risk of falling off. Wearing ill-fitting earplugs might also reduce the effectiveness of the product, which would defeat the purpose of buying it.

Battery Life

Like other gadgets, earplugs need charging after some time. This affects how portable and travel-friendly the earplugs will be. When looking for an earplug with a long battery life, seven or nine hours would be a great starting point. Earplugs that can function for several hours benefit people who need to use the gadget’s Bluetooth or noise reduction capabilities. Besides this, also check how long it takes for the earplugs to charge. There are products that take longer to charge compared to others, which might be a dealbreaker for you. As such, you might consider taking into account battery life and charging times when choosing your earplugs.

Choosing What Fits You

Technology has come a long way in expediting our daily lives. We now have mobile apps, gadgets, and other tech trends to follow and benefit from. One such example of this tech would be earplugs, which help you cope with sleeping problems or distractions at work. It also helps protect your ears from dangerous levels of noise while you’re outdoors. This explains why certain earplugs are in-demand and top-selling in the market right now. To spot the ideal earplugs for you, check its battery life, comfort level, noise reduction, portability, skin safety, resistance to the elements, and size options. Once you’ve taken these into account, you should find one that fits your tastes in no time.