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Top Music Apps Every Music Enthusiast Needs

For some, music is just something you hear coming from a local bar, or what you hear in the background of an action scene in a movie. For others however, music is life itself and these people want to do as much as possible with music in general, throughout their existence. If you consider yourself a person that loves music, you are going to need to get these apps ASAP, as they represent the bread and butter of what music means for a mobile user.


Shazam is an app that most people are familiar with. It lets you scan music as it is playing and it will tell you who’s playing and what the song is called. Additionally, you get information about the artist and the album, which is great for music enthusiasts because is ultimately lets them expand their musical knowledge and their music libraries with new entries every time a new song is playing somewhere.


Spotify is a paid service but it also has a free version, and more importantly a mobile app. Spotify puts the entirety of the world’s music at your fingertips. The app is basically a music player that features all the artists and albums in the world, from really old stuff your grandparents might have listened to, to the latest hits on the radio. It’s a great app to have as you can pull out any song of your choosing at any moment, without having to worry about storage or availability.

YouTube Converters

The service is a youtube converter and it lets users turn their YouTube videos of choice into MP3 files. This is great because it skips a lot of the process of searching and finding the music you’re looking for. Simply copy the link into the website and it will process it into an audio file which you can then download. While it’s not actually an app, it’s still a great tool any music lover would want to know of.


Musixmatch is a service that many might be familiar with from the Google Chrome browser as it comes as a plugin. It also comes as its own application and it helps users turn their phones into karaoke machines, basically. The app supplements lyrics onscreen for any song that is playing, which is great for those that care about more than just a catchy beat. If you really want to know what that artist said in the second verse but can’t distinguish their pronunciation, use this app to find out for sure.


Soundcloud is a community built around and by musicians and music lovers, where they all share their favorite sounds.  It also comes in the form of an app, and it’s just as good as the website. On Soundcloud, you can enjoy popular music, discover new music, or listen to a great podcast. There’s nothing special about podcasts in Soundcloud, just the fact that it’s a lot easier to enjoy them since the platform is solely based around sound and has no visual distractions.



Did you know that GarageBand offers the best level of hardware integration? If you have a Mac, you don’t have to worry about a hassle-free music-creation experience. Even on low-end devices like MacBook Air, Garageband for Mac works quite smoothly. Then, when you have to create music content, you can connect a variety of gadgets and equipment. Since Apple is the real deal behind the wheels, it offers the best compatibility as well. From a professional’s perspective, these things make GarageBand the best.