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Top Five Apps For Frequent Flyers According To Justfly

This list is not for the once a year holiday-er. Hardcore flyers, business types, and globetrotters know all the best tricks when it comes to staying organized, finding hotspots, and operating efficiently, no matter what city they land in. In order to find out their tricks, I spoke with JustFly, an online travel agency that has helped thousands of people get the most out of their travels. They provided me with a list of five apps that frequent flyers don’t leave home without.


 Want an itinerary? Check. Want info about your specific airport? Got you covered. GateGuru is the ultimate in organization and information according to JustFly’s review. Not only does it allow you to plan for a series of flights, it also gives you a heads up on what you can expect at various airports including restaurants, weather, and much more. If you are interested in analytics, GateGuru has something for you too. Track how many miles you have flown, how many airports you have visited, and more.



 Making an itinerary with TripIt is as easy as forwarding an email. Once you forward all your flight emails, TripIt automatically builds you a master itinerary, giving you all the information you need to be on-time. The best part, this info is shared with all your connected devices and is even available offline, meaning you have access at anytime. tripit-600x309


 Okay, so you know where you are going and how to get there, but where are you going to work? Regus is an app that allows you to track down temporary workspaces so you can be as productive as you want, no matter which city you are in. The app even allows you to book the spaces in advance, meaning no hassle upon arrival. Regus


 Everyone has to eat, but no one has time to research restaurants only to find out there are no available reservations. OpenTable takes the fuss out of planning a dinner by making sure you have a table at any of the 31,000 restaurants that use the service. open_table_logo_detail

Google Field Trip

 Have some down time but want to try something a little different? Google Field Trip gives you the knowledge of a seasoned travel veteran in seconds, directing you to those “off the beaten path” type spots according to JustFly.


This also includes local history and other factoids that can help inform you about your present surroundings.