The Top 5 Tablets Every Businessman Should Have

business tab

As a businessman, you should always opt for saving expenses whenever possible. Additionally, you should ignore the use of tablets to develop your career. Discount coupons are one of the best ways to buy the best gadgets while saving money. Naaptol coupons provide many exciting offers to save money on the purchase of these products. Here are five of the best tablets which offer high performance suiting your business needs.

1) Fujitsu Stylistic M532

It deserves to top the chart when it comes to tablets. Fujitsu developed this tablet with business people specifically in mind. There is software built-in, which makes it highly possible to get several business aspects combined in a single device. Company email, work calendar, contacts can be combined altogether. It also supports several kinds of environments like Citrix and VMware.

2) Google Nexus 7

This tablet is both budge-friendly and high-performing. Even though Google released this tablet under its name, the gadget is actually manufactured by another company, Acer. Weight 340g only, Google Nexus 7 is extremely durable. Made with the Gorilla Glass, the gadget is perfect for any businessman who is always moving around. If you get Naaptol, Tradus, Flipkart, Infibeam Coupons, you can get for an even cheaper price.

3) Toshiba AT300

If you compare this tablet with Google Nexus 7, you will find this more expensive. On the other hand, the high price is compensated with a lot of wonderful features as well as a high speed processor. When you compare this tablet with an Apple iPad, this turns out to be much lighter and thinner. You can always get this tablet at a cheaper price if you have Naaptol Coupons.

4) RIM BlackBerry PlayBook

One more tablet which is quite pocket-friendly but it is loaded with many desirable features. This tablet, on the contrary, is extremely heavy as it weighs 425g. The heavy weight, nevertheless, gives it a sturdy finish. You may find this tablet perfect for your use if you are a businessman. The tablet promises excellent multi-tasking capabilities. The high speed processor (1GHz dual-core) makes it possible for various applications to run quite smoothly. The swap between two applications is also quite convenient.

5) Asus Transformer Pad Infinity

This tablet compensates the absence of a laptop. Asus happens to be one of the best gadget manufacturers in the market, which specialises in integrated functions in tablets and laptops. This tablet is one of those gadgets, which has the capability to possess both of those hybrid features. The display is exquisite with 1080p HD. The processor (Nvidida Tegra 3) with 1.6GHz quad-core power promises to run even the extremely demanding apps with ease. A USB port, a trackpad and one keyboard dock help it function just like a full-fledged laptop.

So here are the top tablet which every businessman would love to use for work. You can choose any one of them according to your choice and budget. Whatever you choose, make sure you know the features before purchasing one. Any of these promises to be extremely beneficial.