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Top 5 Smart Devices That Will Improve Your Home Security

Top 5 Smart Devices That Will Improve Your Home Security

Living in a dangerous time, a time when no one is safe, we are constantly looking for ways to protect ourselves, our family, and our home. As a matter of fact, home security has become one of the most common security issues. With the increased number of home invasions, almost every home now is using at least a surveillance camera and/or alarm.

Hence, if you are one of those people looking for the best ways to secure your home and, with that, your family, you will be happy to hear that there are many ways to do that. Starting from adding locks to your doors and windows, to adding window blinds and bars, to installing an entire home security system. Apart from applying these common security methods, there’s another way to maximize your home security. It is by installing certain smart devices in your home.

With the topic of smart home, having smart devices is inevitable. What makes them a must-have is their remote way or controlling and working. So, if you want to really secure your home, you should invest in these 5 smart devices.

1. Smart Surveillance Cameras

So, this is an obvious must-have device for every homeowner. It’s because smart cameras provide you with a real-time video being accessible to you everywhere you have an internet connection. In this way, you are able to monitor your home as if you were there. Apart from being accessible from thousands of miles afar, smart cameras can also extract specific information from the images and videos they have captured and recorded.

 2. Smart Door Locks

Securing your door(s) is probably the first thing that comes to your mind when speaking about home security. It’s because doors are the first entry point of thieves as they find it the easiest to open. However, if you install a smart door lock to each door in your house, including sliding doors, or the entrance door in your apartment, you will drastically reduce the change of break-ins. This is because they are very difficult to open and you can lock and unlock from wherever you have an internet connection.

3. Smart Window Locks

Another similar smart device is a smart window lock. These locks are actually sensors that are connected to your home security system and your phone with wires or wirelessly, thus sending a signal which denotes if a window is locked or unlocked. Moreover, these sensors can show if someone tries to open your windows since they immediately send a signal. That allows you to lock your windows again, from your phone, and call the police.

4. Smart Doorbells

Here’s another interesting piece for your home. Smart doorbells are high-tech doorbells which provide you with a visual image of the person standing in front of your door. These doorbells are connected to the central home securitysystem and your phone. They are usually activated when someone presses their button. However, they can also activate when they sense there is someone on the front door due to their inbuilt motion sensors.

Moreover, they allow you to talk to the person in front of your home from your phone even if you are in another country. In this way, you are not masking your absence in your home but also notifying them that you see and hear everything. And, the risk of being seen and heard may deter thieves from breaking in. 

5. Smart Lighting

This is the last but no less important smart device for your home. Smart lighting is the lighting you can control from your phone even when miles away from home, just like the rest of the devices on this list. What makes smart lights so special is that you can use them to cover your absence and improve your home security by controlling/scheduling their tuning on and off, as well as lightning up all shady places around your house.

Having in mind that thieves usually monitor your home before braking in, thus noticing when the lights go on and off during the day, using smart lighting will definitely mimic your presence. Moreover, if you have motion sensors for your smart lights, you will impeccably cover your absence.  It’s because you won’t have to control the lights’ turning on and off from your phone, but they will do their job on their own, according to the schedule you set. Plus, they allow you to set up their motion sensitivity, their reaction to daylight, and their “behaviour” during the day.

As you can see these 5 devices help maximize your home security due to their remote accessibility and control. It’s up to you to decide which one(s) you choose. And, no matter if you choose one or more, you will improve your home security anyway.