Top 5 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2013

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Gaming industry is the one concerned mainly to the young generation. With the advancing computer specifications, this industry is simultaneously working to introduce exciting game specifically supported by those high-tech processors. So it is not wrong to consider that both these sectors are deeply related with each other and may never be successful without a high level of cooperation. Now let’s come to the point. Here we will see the top 5 most waited PC games to be release in this year, 2013

1. Tomb Raider- Exclusive Crossroads

Here comes the extension of that old game, Tomb Raider. For all the fans of adventurous games, that is the best opportunity to gain an enjoyable and memorable experience with this new part of Tomb Raider. This high quality game’s plot revolves around Lara being trapped in a mysterious island far away separated from her crew members. Such an advance game may be easily joyed for all those people currently having at least dual core processor long with a good graphics card of nVidia 8600 and 512Mb Video RAM.

2. Company of Heroes 2

One of the most anticipated real-time strategy game, it was revealed in 2012 but due to some financial problems the game’s release date was extended to 2013. Its main theme is about the events of World War II, mainly focusing Eastern Front. Players will be completing several difficult challenges involving war against the Nazi invaders, thus reviving the terrible events of history. The minimum requirements of this game are core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, windows vista 32 bit, Radeon HD 2900 GT and direct X 10.

3. DayZ

The multiplayer horror video game has an interesting plot. Due to an unknown terrible virus, people in a city have turned to dangerous zombies. The player need to collect items, protect himself and fight against those zombies in order to increase the survival time to the greatest possible. This wonderful game is expected to release in August 2013. Recommended operating system for running this game is windows 7 but it will also work with windows XP and Vista. At least 2.4 GHz Dual core processor, 1 GB RAM, Direct X 9 and Nvidia GeForce 8600GT with 512 MB video RAM is required for enjoying this game.

4. Total War: Rome II

This upcoming strategy game sequel to Total War: Rome is expected to release in mid of 2013. The focus of the game is to allow players to change the Roman republic to Roman Empire. A great feature that is likely to be found in this game is that your gameplay will depend on the decisions you make. Each decision will lead to a different path. Currently system requirements for this game are unknown. However, the developers have raised the hope of maintaining minimum requirements so every normal PC can run it smoothly.

5. Watch dogs

This is the game considered to be the best one in the year 2013 even it is not released yet. The attractive trailer of the game says all about the beautiful way t is developed in. The main objective of the game is to hack different electronic devices for getting missions done by using the data obtained by hacking. Its minimum system requirements are similar to that of Company of Heroes 2.