Top 5 Mini Games That Gamers are in Love With

Mini-games are something that arrives inside other games. These are typically added to bring diversion to your gaming experience. Sometimes these games are more interesting compared to the main gameplay.

Want to know about some of the best mini-games that you should consider playing? Well, keep going through the pieces of paragraphs below. We will let you know five of the most interesting mini-games popular amongst gamers.

Golf – Grand Theft Auto V

Golf - Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto series offers you several mini-games inside it. The recent Grand Theft Auto V arrives with a stunning Golf game. It’s so good that some users wanting its separate release. The well-equipped game arrives with most of the features you will find in popular golf games.

Some of the features of the game include stroke spin, power levels, stroke types, club selection, and much more things. Even the design of the courses and materials in the game is absolutely stunning.

Poker – Red Dead Redemption

Poker - Red Dead Redemption

There are plenty of Poker games you will find to play both online and offline. The card game also often arrives as mini-games in some of the video games. As an example, you will find the Poker in the Red Dead Redemption. According to Exycasinos the poker game represented in RDR is high stakes Texas Hold’Em.

Remember while you sit for the poker in Red Dead Redemption, money is not the only thing you are risking. The situation can turn inexplicable and life-threatening at any time.

Chicken Kicking – Fable the Lost Chapters

Chicken Kicking - Fable the Lost Chapters

Sorry to the animal lovers, but you simply cannot resist yourself enjoying this unique game. The Chicken Kicking game is something you will surely enjoy. It arrives as a mini-game inside the Fable – The Lost Chapters. The game is more like a competition and you can win it by kicking the chicken most far.

To access the bronze quest competition, you will require getting rid of the ghost on the Southeast beach first. That means you will require completing the Treasure of the Ghost Pirate quest to play the interesting mini-game.

Kung Foot – Rayman Legends

Kung Foot - Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends is a popular multiplayer video game from Ubisoft. The Kung Foot is a mini-game that you will find in the Rayman Legends. It is based on Football or Soccer where you will require teaming up with one or two players.

You will require scoring goals like the usual football games to win it. Note there is no reward in this mini-game as it’s a friendly competition.

Gwent – The Witcher 3

Gwent - The Witcher 3

The Mini-game Gwent from The Witcher 3 is one of the most successful and popular mini-game till now. It is a simple game that requires you to position the cards on the battlefield and win wars against the opponents. The popular game is now also available separately for various platforms.

These are some of the best mini-games that you should try. Obviously, there are much more mini-games that worth trying. Let us know about your favorite mini-games that others should try too.