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Top 5 Gadgets Every Household Needs

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Both new homeowners and existing house owners are constantly searching for innovative gadgets in the hope that each and every one will make day-to-day tasks that little bit easier. So just what are the top five home gadgets for 2013?

1. The flat screen television

Flat Screen Television

As well as saving you a great deal of money on regular cinema trips, flat screen televisions house a number of high-end entertainment features. A home cinema experience is now very much a possibility; many state-of-the-art devices even come complete with 3D functions and glasses to match.

2. Scanomat TopBrewer

Scanomat TopBrewer

Although this nifty device may look like every other household tap, this super sleek kitchen appliance boasts some of the most up-to-date coffee-making skills on the market. The TopBrewer is able to grind coffee beans out of sight, whilst obeying user commands through the use of a touchscreen panel. Users can even link their smartphone or tablets to the device, which then allows them to create a coffee exactly to their specifications.

The high-tech tap releases water, milk and steam. And after you’ve finished using the device, it automatically cleans itself!

3. The Nest Smart Thermostat

Nest Smart Thermostat

With many of our planet’s resources running out, more and more of us are choosing to do our bit for the environment. The Nest Smart Thermostat allows consumers to program their home heating system whilst away from the home. You may realise once at work that you’ve left the heating on full, the innovative device will allow you to turn it off from a remote location, leaving you with peace of mind and also, lower household bills.

4. Philips Hue Light Bulb

Philips Hue

Ever wished you could tune your household lighting to you mood? Well now you can – the Philips Hue Light bulb is an environmentally-friendly lighting option created using LED lights as opposed to incandescent bulbs. The device can be linked to a tablet or phone, which in turn allows you to take a snapshot of the hue you wish to portray.
Atmospheric, bright white light and somber lighting are just a few of the options available. You can even use the device to wake you up gently.

5. The Tablet


With so many home devices designed with the tablet and smartphone in mind, the tablet is proving to be an extremely popular home buy. Many home gadgets can be linked to your touchscreen product, allowing you to control a number of household elements from a remote location.

It is a lot easier to reach for an iPad or touchscreen tablet whilst relaxing in the home environment, it is designed to create a more natural feel, allowing you to balance it on your lap whilst watching the television or alternatively use it to catch up on a little light reading whilst in bed.

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