The Top 5 Blog Directories You Should be Submitting Your Blog To

When industry experts say that it is a must to submit blogs to blog directories, it usually comes with a reminder to choose the most suitable. Suitability may pertain to niche, usefulness to the blog, and blog directory ranking. For blogs that wish to gain good traffic and commendable blog ranking, these top 5 blog directories may be part of your arsenal in promoting your blog to the consciousness of your audience.


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Technorati is the first blog search engine which has emerged as one of the leading blog directories today. True to its claim, it has indeed become a definitive source for stories, opinions, photos, and videos of just about anything that matters. Having had indexed more than a million blogs, it is able to provide a comprehensive listing of blogs that command the most authority, influence, and popularity.


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Boingboing was a magazine first before it became a group blog. Its creator calls it a directory of wonderful things. There is one major requirement when submitting blogs to this interesting directory and that is to submit equally interesting contents and blogs.


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Bloggeries is known as the Human-edited Blog Directory. It seeks to provide readers with a good choice of blogs to read while learning some blogging tips on the side. It offers paid listing that potentially offers  increased traffic resulting from being crawled more often than most other directories.

On Top List

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On Top List is a blog directory where users can find and submit blogs. It functions like most other directories but apparently in more efficient ways than one. It seeks to maximize the reach of submitted blogs while ensuring quality of submitted blogs through hand editing, for the benefit of blog searchers.

Globe of Blogs

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Globe of Blogs continues to be one of the longest running blog directory online. There is a long list of categories to choose from. In the unlikely event that your blog does not seem to fit in any, you can suggest categories.

On another note, there are many other notable blog directories existing today. You can always find more or another to submit to aside from those mentioned above. Just be sure about what you are looking for to get maximized results.