Top 5 Best Racing Games for your Android Tablets

racing games android

Android Tablets are a lot fun when you are getting bored. Imagine you are waiting for your girlfriend in a restaurant; she informs that she will be late by half an hour. So take out your smartphone or tablet and pass your time by playing some games on it. Be it of any age, every one of us enjoys playing games online. There are so many categories of games, like racing, drawing, rhymes, adventure or word games. Majority of the games are available free of cost and for ad-free versions you can upgrade them with minimum payment.

Many of the classic games like Pacman, Tetris or Mario are also available on Google Play. You can play Scrabble with your friends or directly with against tablet. Of all the genres, racing is one of the favorite categories of gaming. You can play drag races of about 30 seconds or long terrain race. Here are top 5 such best racing games available on Google Play. They sure are here to entertain you and keep you glued to the tablet.

1. Fast and Furious

This game derived from the famous movie series is topping the chart of most played games on Google Play. You can be the fastest driver by winning race in streets of London and earn lot of cash and respect. The graphics are superb and there are various challenges to be uncovered. There is also a global leadership board and you can try and top the chart.

2. Drag Racing Bike Edition

This is one of the most popular bike racing games on Google Play where you can challenge thousands of players in 4 online modes. There are around 17 bikes available to play with. The graphics are very good thus if your tablet has good resolution you will definitely feel like being in a live race. It allows sharing your score on Facebook and Twitter.

3. Hill Climb Racing

It is an entertaining game with various tracks and different types of car. You can earn money by covering distances in the mountains and use them to upgrade your vehicle like suspension, tires and engine. It has a cute animation and even kids enjoy playing it. It works well on both low and high resolution tablets.

4. Race Illegal High Speed 3D

This has stunning graphics almost takes you into the racing world in purest form. There are 20 tracks to race upon with option of choosing amongst the 9 cars. It is a rude race where all your physics is involved while driving on rough terrains and doing intense drifts. It maintains your personal stats and records table along with an engaging storyline.

5. Road Warrior

It is a multiplayer combat racing game. You can choose multiple cars and racing trucks and select different types of races from plain roads to bumpy roads. The graphics are stunning with précis control and amazing physics. You can control engine power, suspension and acquire nitro boosts. Perform flips and various stunts to gain more coins and spend them on your car.

There are many other racing games to choose from like Pocket Rally, Dirt Road Trucker, Speed Racing and Need for Speed. Download some of such games and you will be so much fond of your tablet. A cautious warning it may ruin your office work!