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Top 5 apps for a growing business

If you have a business these days, especially a small business, apps are becoming a must have. Almost all businessmen and women use smart phones and tablets. Apps are available to access at your fingertips. However, there is a wide variety available, covering all aspects of business, and it can be difficult to choose the ones which will be ideal and useful for your business. Originally designed for use on the go via a mobile device, many are also useful in the office.The following are the top 5 apps for someone trying to set up a company.

1. Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite Available for iOS, Android, Symbian, this suite will edit Microsoft Office documents from your smartphone or tablet. The Wi-Fi network lets you share documents with colleagues and has integrated access to cloud networks such as Google Docs.

2. Skype This is a free app available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian. The concept of Skype is known to millions, but small businesses can save significant amounts of money on home and overseas calls with VoIP. It is currently only available via Wi-Fi networks, not 3G. Skype is easy to use and has recently partnered with Facebook, so will only get bigger and better.

3. Salesforce Mobile A free app for iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile. This app allows access to business information such as graphs, databases and sales figures. Sales staff will have all the information they need when meeting clients.

4. Expensify A popular free app for iOS, iPhone/Pad, Android, Blackberry. This app allows you to keep track of and manage expenses such as business mileage. Users can photograph receipts using their phone camera and export the files to Excel documents. No more forgetting what you spent on your business trip. You can submit your expense report directly to your employer. The app has almost one million users to date.

5. Google Drive Google Drive is a fully featured office suite, including a cloud drive. You can easily edit files from your PC to your smartphone. You can store any file type via a web interface or virtual drive app. Google apps are already all the rage for small business’s webmail and they are hoping to repeat this popularity in the cloud storage field. There is a generous 5Gb of free storage.