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Top 5 Annoying Features of Facebook

annoying features fb

Quite recently, Facebook has come up with some super annoying features which mar your Facebook experience to a considerable extent. Moreover, besides turning out to be irritating, most of these features are also pretty unimportant and unnecessary. Read on, to have a glance at these features and check whether you can relate with them or not.

Unnecessary news feed

This is one of the most annoying and irritating features which is absolutely infamous for the disadvantages it endows you with. Yes! The Facebook homepage is often furnished with news feed which is absolutely unnecessary. For instance, you will often find your Facebook flooded with news like “x is now friends with y” or “x has liked chocolate donuts page”. It is quite natural for you to be disinterested in the petty matters of your friends’ lives. However, Facebook fails to perceive the same, and keeps on updating unnecessary stuff on your homepage.

unnecessary news feed

Suggestion– You can now somewhat evade this feature by clicking the “friends” option on the profile of your friend and then by selecting the “only important” option accordingly.

Idle Friends still available

This feature too ranks among the worst and the most irritating features of Facebook. Very often, you will find most of your friends online, but they won’t reply to you even when you send them chat messages for multiple numbers of times. Well, they don’t have a fault in this regard as, even if they are idle, Facebook will not change the green dot besides their name. This is thus pretty annoying and irritating on the part of Facebook and this cannot be particularly avoided as well.

idle friends still available

Friend Requests from Random People

You met X some hours ago in a party and when they reach home, you find a friend request lined in your Facebook. This is indeed very irritating as Facebook allows everybody to find you and send you friend requests accordingly.

frnd req

Suggestion– Incidents like these can be avoided if you go to the privacy option and click on the “who can look me up?” option. After that go through the list and mark “friends” option so that nobody except your friends can trace you and send you requests accordingly.

Irritating Game updates

“Hello!! Please help your friend X some gifts by playing xyz game” this is probably a common notification which most Facebook users receive. You will find scores of notifications persuading you to join and play some random game which is indeed very vexatious.

game updates

Suggestion– You can now, evade these game updates by visiting the privacy option from where you have to select the option called “manage blocking” and then eventually opt for the app block option accordingly. Simply enter the names of the specific games in order evade requests from them, accordingly.

Comments from Random posts

You liked a post and commented on it, but the next morning you might be actually terrified with the number of comments you receive from those posts. This is utterly annoying as it floods up your notification thereby vexing you to a considerable extent.

Suggestion– Whenever you find such irritating notification, click on the notification and navigate your mouse to any one of the irritating tag comments. You will then find a, “X” button which will, effectively un-follow you from that post, accordingly. You can try out the same thing if you find irritating tag comments as well.