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Top 3 Smartphones to Give as Gifts in 2019

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It’s that time of year again, and if you’re wondering which smartphone to give this year, there are many viable options. But three of these options seem to be the best bets because just about anyone can use them, and whether the recipient is a business pro or social media junkie, all three of the below options will be well suited for them. Also, this is the time of year when you can find some great deals on phones, which saves you some money, as well. You can find these phones at many retail locations, and online as well, which makes them convenient for you as the shopper. Below are three phones that will make great gifts for everyone on your list.

iPhone 5S

Whether or not your recipient is the type of person who loves to be in possession of the latest mobile phone technology, the iPhone 5S is a practical and beautiful phone that just about everyone will love. It has an excellent camera, and it captures nearly professional-grade photos you’ll be proud to share and print. Additionally, most apps launch on the iOS before they launch on any other platform, so you never have to wait for the release of the latest business or personal app on your wish list. It’s fast, so being efficient will never be a problem, and it’s great for multi-taskers. Of course, the phone is beautiful and comes with everything else you’d expect from an iPhone, including the price tag. But many online service allow you to recycle an old phone, so this can sometimes help you with the price factor. Maybe you can get yourself a new phone, as well.


The HTC One is, quite simply, one of the most efficient, functional, beautiful smartphones on the market. The only caveat to this is if your recipient happens to be a photographer who uses his her or her phone for photo capture. While the HTC One does have an 8mp camera, it’s not quite as high quality as other 8mp phone cameras, as the photos lack a little depth. But if that’s not an issue for your recipient, then this is an excellent phone choice. The hardware is absolutely fantastic, featuring a brilliant display. In fact, the HTC One has led the smartphone industry where display is concerned for quite some time. There’s no microSD slot, which might throw some people off at first, but most phones have either a 32GB or 64GB drive, which is more than sufficient for most people.

Google Nexus 5

The Google Nexus 5 is great for those who want an affordable, efficient, and high-quality smartphone. While the outward appearance may be nothing spectacular, the display is absolutely beautiful, and offers crisp, clear viewing of documents, photos, and apps. It’s the first smartphone to be released pre-loaded with KitKat 4.4, Android’s latest operating system. Simply put, if you love the iPhone but love Google’s OS and you need to stick with a budget, the Nexus 5 is perfect for you.

These smartphones will likely be perfect for anyone on your list. If you know someone who loves their Apple products and is very much into social media, the iPhone 5S is likely the way to go. For people who want it all, do it all, and need to know it all, the HTC One has their name on it. And for those who are business-minded, particularly if they are already using Google’s OS or Google Drive on other devices, the Google Nexus 5 fits the bill while sticking to a budget.