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Top 10 Reasons To Hire Ukrainian Dedicated Development Team

In recent years, Ukraine became one of the central figures in the field of IT-outsourcing. Business owners and startups from the United States, Australia, Canada, and Western European countries increasingly turn to Ukrainian hands for software solutions. This is confirmed by statistics, which claims that between 2011 and 2016, the number of projects chartered by foreign customers grew 2.8 times. Below we present to your attention ten main reasons to contract the Ukrainian dedicated development team.


Reasons to Hire a Ukrainian Dedicated Development Team

So, let’s find out why product owners from Western countries rely on Ukrainian dedicated development teams.

  1. Large selection of developers of various specializations. In 2018, according to official data, there were about 160,000 IT specialists in Ukraine. This means that you will have no problems choosing the right qualifications and required skill sets.
  2. Opportunity to contract the specialists that have experience of cooperation with global tech companies. Ukrainian developers are increasingly attracted to large-scale projects by world-renowned companies, like Google, Facebook, Apple, as well as various technological start-ups. As a result, the first get tremendous experience working on really interesting products (often innovative), and the last – responsible and ambitious workers who are willing to work day and night for the benefit of a project.
  3. Extensive experience with advanced technologies. Since Ukrainian developers are cooperating with foreign customers and also are working at some high-tech projects inside the country, they often participate in the creation of fundamentally new products. Obviously, this entitles developers need to have high technical knowledge and, in particular, mastery of the latest technological trends. It is for this reason that local engineers are constantly developing their practical skills in order to meet the most stringent requirements of employers.
  4. Perfectly built project workflows. By contracting the outstaffing agency, you get an already fully formed working team that knows firsthand the principles of operation over Agile methodologies. Ultimately, you would not have to worry about disrupted deadlines and the quality of the released product.


  1. High level of specialized education. In recent years, Ukrainian IT specialists have the opportunity to start getting hands-on experience while still being university students. Now every Ukrainian university with a technical focus has a faculty of IT technologies and software development. Moreover, the qualification level of the overwhelming majority of developers from Ukraine is confirmed by independent agencies.
  2. Governmental support. Since the IT-industry in Ukraine is a constant source of the state budget, the government in every possible way promotes the prosperity of the industry and international cooperation. It is for this reason that local legislation is extremely loyal to international cooperation between developers and their foreign customers.
  3. Convenient time zone. The time zone of Ukraine is GMT +2. Such a time schedule is most convenient for optimal cooperation with Western European countries, as well as with the United States and Canada.
  4. Acceptable costs. The cost of living in Ukraine is much lower than in the United States and many other countries. This means that it makes sense for Ukrainian developers to ensure their own competitiveness in the global IT services market to offer rates that are much lower than those offered by developers from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Switzerland, etc., without reducing the quality of their services.


  1. Focus on long-term cooperation. Ukrainian developers strive to uphold their reputation. They do not pursue quantity but strive to constantly improve the quality of their services. That is why the best way to cooperate for them is to build long-term relationships with customers and create scalable products that will be simply and inexpensively modernized in the future.
  2. High level of English proficiency. Some customers, ordering the services of dedicated development teams for the first time, look for the lowest possible rates. As a result, they often complain about miscommunication with hired staff, caused by the lack of spoken and technical English knowledge. In cooperation with the Ukrainian teams, you will never encounter this problem – Ukrainians are very scrupulous about learning foreign languages. Additionally, most of them are fluent in English at a level of Intermediary at least.

Final Thoughts

As a result, the choice of the Ukrainian dedicated development team to work on the project will help you not only to get a technically advanced, scalable and easy-to-support solution but also save in the process. Contact Artelogic today to hire the team of your dreams!