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Top 10 Best Android Apps for Web Designers

As designers, I know we are supposed to have everything Mac, the MacBook and the iPhone, but some of us just don’t have all the Mac stuff and have to make do with android (personally, I prefer the android platform). Even so, this doesn’t mean that non-Mac lovers cant enjoy some of the same features as the iPhone users. So long as you have an Android smartphone you can access some great apps that can make your “web design” life so much easier. Here are 10 android apps that are essential to every web designer’s set of online tools.

1 – WhatTheFont

This is an extremely useful tool for designers that want to add fonts to their existing set. See a font you like in a magazine or photo? With this app you just snap a picture and WhatTheFont will identify it for you.

2 – Magic Color Picker

This is a great color selection tool that helps designers find a larger selection of colors for specific uses.

3 – Color Dictionary

Allows artists and designers to reference colors from different parts of the world, including the UK, US, England and more. It offers the traditional HEX, RGB, CMYK as well as others with a significantly detailed explanation of each.

4 – Adobe Proto

Allows you to make wireframes of websites on your tablet. Great so you can work while on the go. Design prototypes for mobile apps with a simple touch.

5 – AndFTP Pro

This app allows you to provide FTP, SCP, SFTP and FTPS commands, allowing you to rename, delete or change permissions on remote files. You can also upload and download small files as needed.

6 – Mobile GA

An application that allows you to access your Google analytics. It helps keep an eye on your stats. A very useful application when traveling.

7 – Note Everything

This may seem like just a regular notepad, but it can be very useful. Record notes, client meetings, make drawings, and write out your ideas. This can all be organized into folders for easy access when you are actually doing the design work.

8 – VNC Viewer

Control any computer wherever it is from your Android device. Access files, the desktop and run applications on your computer. Access data the way you would if sitting at your desk.

9 – Astrid Task

This is a “to do” list that helps you get all your tasks done. It reminds you of all the little stuff designers often tend to forget.

10 – Adobe Photoshop Express

Quickly edit photos and share them online with anyone. Once you have your computer you can access any of the edited photos on This app lets you crop, adjust color, add a few effects, and rotate. All the basic photo editing features you need when you are on the go.

Bottom Line

There are thousands of apps available thanks to Open Source. Software developers are continually designing new apps, which are especially useful to web designers and artists. Some are free, others have free trials and others come at a price. Even so, apps can be extremely useful, especially because they allow you to remain connected and communicative with your clients.