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Tips on Riding and Hailing a Taxi

In a big city like Chicago, travelling by taxi is a better option than using public transport. That’s why, taxi services are in demand in Chicago city. You can find many taxis running in the city serving thousands of passengers and helping them to reach at their destination. If you are travelling in Chicago city and want to travel in taxi, we have some awesome tips for you to hire the taxi services. These tips will help you to find a good taxi and get the best service with a minimal amount of charges.


 Tips to Hail and Ride a Taxi in Chicago City:-

  • Want to go home from the airport? Then be prepared to pay extra charges to pick up from airports. Almost all taxi service charges additional $1 from passengers who booked cab from airport. If they charge more than $1, you can refuse to pay so.
  • After booking the taxi, you have full right to specify the travelling route to taxi driver. You can tell your taxi driver to make adjustments in A/C temperatures and volume of radio, etc. if you observe that the driver is violating the traffic rules like travelling in the wrong lane, exceeding the speed limit or talking on a cell phone while driving, you can command him to follow the rules.
  • Almost all taxis accept credit card as payment method. Taxis come with separate credit card swiping terminal for faster payment processing. If you love the concept of cashless payments, then this will be a great option of payment for you.
  • You have full right to demand the taxi driver his ID cards for checking. Every licensed taxi driver has ID proof of the state transportation department and from the taxi company he works for. If you don’t find any ID proof from the driver, you should not hire such taxis.
  • Use the technology and order taxis from the mobile app. Most of the taxi services in Chicago city have their own smartphone app, using which you can hire a taxi within seconds. With are taxi app, you can specify the rote, pay with credit card and track the taxis travelling in nearby areas. This is the simplest and most convenient way of booking a taxi ride.

There are many scammers wandering in the city looking for their next victim. Who knows one of such scammer is wandering being taxi driver? If you follow all above tips, then you can avoid any scam that may happen to you.