Three Actionable Article Spinning Tips To Improve Readability

According to, content marketing is the name of the game these days, and you need to make sure that your website or web property has a regular, steady, and consistent flow of quality content uploaded or you aren’t ever going to be able to capture the attention of your market the way that your competitors are.

At the same time, producing your own unique content on a day in and day out basis can be incredibly time-consuming. There are almost always more valuable things you can be doing with your time as an entrepreneur or marketer than researching and writing new articles to be posted to your site.

Of course, outsourcing this kind of content creation can be ridiculously expensive as well – especially if you are paying writers to produce killer content for you on a daily basis (in the quantities that you need to boost your search engine optimization and fill out your marketing funnels).

That’s where article spinners like the Spin Rewriter come into play, however.

Spinning all of the original content you have already created into unique versions of that content, every single article spinner tutorial out there is going to tell you that that is the game changer when it comes to online marketing today.

You’ll be able to produce a dozen articles or more from a single piece of original work, and won’t ever have to worry about getting slapped by Google or your market noticing that it has been spun, either.

Of course, there are some things you want to do to improve the readability of your spun content. Here are three core fundamentals you want to remember when you have content created, boosting the readability of the content that is spun from here on out.

Tip #1: Write short sentences

Keeping your sentences as short as possible boosts readability across the board, but it’s especially useful when you are using an article spinner. Just remember that the fewer words in a sentence to spin, the higher the likelihood of the same meaning being conveyed when new words are substituted.

Keep your sentences concise and the readability of your spun content shoots through the roof.

Tip #2: Use conversational language but stay away from slang

The best writing for conversions isn’t flowery prose, but is instead conversational language that you might have talking to a buddy about something down at your local watering hole.

You’ll want to keep your content conversational, but you’ll want to stay away from slang or jargon so that the article rewriter or article spinner doesn’t mix things up and produce a convoluted mess when new words and synonyms are swapped in and out.

Keep it conversational and your spun content will be conversational as well. Throw slang into the mix and you’ll have a tough time understanding exactly what your article spinner is pumping out (and so will your readers).

Tip #3: Spin adjectives and verbs but leave your nouns alone

One of the coolest things I’ve read in an article spinner review, especially the Spin Rewriter review by WPisLife, is that it mentions about this particular application that gives you the ability to spin specific types of words, leaving others untouched and unaffected.

By spinning your adjectives and your verbs but leaving your nouns alone you stand a much better chance of the spun content coming out of the Spin Rewriter as readable as humanly possible, just as if a human had written the content as opposed to a piece of software.

Your nouns are the “bedrock” of your sentence structure and are much more challenging to replace with different words than your verbs and adjectives. Give your article spinner this kind of instruction and you’ll be much happier with the finished product, that’s for sure!