List of Top 15 Thewatchseries Alternatives in 2020

thewatchseries alternatives

With a huge source of online streaming video options, movies, TV series and the like, thewatchseries has been the preferred choice. Series of different languages are available on this streaming platform due to which it has grabbed the attention of users from various corners of the world. 

However, the ban of the online platform has put the movie buffs in distress. It allows online streaming for free and this is where most of us are in search of suitable alternative streaming options.

Some of the top-rated Thewatchseries Alternatives are listed below:      

1. WorldFree4u


This is a well-known alternative to get access to the latest movies and series that thewatchseries offers. Nothing can be like having a similar platform to enjoy latest releases with high quality videos, films, music and the like. 

Having options of both Hollywood and Bollywood films, it enables easy download of the files via the platform. With its ample options to offer, it has gained popularity and is it widely used among the movie buffs. It is exciting to enjoy the latest release for free and download them on the platform.     

2. NewMoviesOnline


When in search of a movie streaming site alternative to thewatchseries, it is none other than NewMoviesOnline. With an updated collection of quality movies, one can get access to it from every corner of the world. It requires stable internet connection that enables easy download of movie and video files from the platform. With different search options to get information on the site, it is worth a choice as an alternative to thewatchseries. 

Only put the correct name of the series or movie that shall help you get it in one go. Apart from downloading the movie or video files, one can get updated information on the same. To get access to a diverse database, this is the one that is sure to satisfy your interest in watching the latest release of movies, videos and TV series.

3. VioozWatch32Movies


Do you wish to watch movies and videos for free? Well, for most movie buffs, thewatchseries has been a great option. Since it’s barred, looking for an alternative is obvious. This is what VioozWatch32Movies brings to your resort and helps get hands-on with the latest movie and TV series collection under one roof. To get access to this movie streaming site, one need not have much technical knowledge. Even the not so tech-savvy users can easily search for the desired options. 

In addition to this, you can watch the movies and series without any hindrance from the random advertisement on the sites. Even if you are streaming online without registering, the ads will not crop up in the middle. Without the hassles of registration or creating an account, you can stream the online videos, movies and series of your choice.       

4. DivxCrawler


This is yet another best alternative to thewatchseries that offers free TV series and movies. In addition, you can enjoy accessing audio files, music, video clips and download them. However, if you find downloading a movie a real hard task, DivxCrawler makes it an easy one. Without much of a stretch, you can download the files just by few clicks. Visit the homepage and you can easily search the movie of your choice. 

Moreover, the file can be accessed on computer using suitable player, copied to DVD and transferred to USB device. If supportive with your TV, you can also run the file on smart TV. So, this works great when you are looking for an alternative and the app offers more than just being a streaming platform.

5. Gorillavid


To get access to plenty of movies, TV shows and video options, this platform is the suitable alternative option to thewatchseries. Now, if you are watching an alternative, you may be happy as thewatchseries offers HD quality video streaming with an easy interface to use. Surprisingly, this alternative does the same; it has nothing but HD quality video making the access to this platform a real fun for the movie buffs. 

The recommendation and search box options are effective to get hands-on your search easily. Based on the type of genre you look for, the app offers suggestions making it easy for you. These are some of the features that make it worthy to choose this alternative over others available. In addition to this, the forte of the site is that it allows uploading video for free and stay updated about news of movies, ratings, reviews and the like.   

6. My Download Tube


Are you looking for a free website to watch series and movies of your choice? Are you missing the latest blockbuster release due to the ban of thewatchseries? Due to this, My Download Tube is a suitable alternative option to try. You can watch movies without the hassles of downloading and it is similar to popcornflix. Moreover, it is available in different languages and so you can choose the one of your choice. 

It requires stable internet connection to facilitate easy online streaming service. As a result of this, you can stream the online movies and video in premium HD quality. You have to visit the site and look for the movie option and start watching it. You will not be disturbed by obstructions like advertisements and the like while streaming online.   

7. 123 Movies


Are you disappointed as thewatchseries has been shut down? Well, 123 movies bring to ample series and movies and therefore, it can be considered as a suitable alternative option. Keeping up with the same level of entertainment, this alternative is no less to offer the latest release for free. 

Surprisingly, users can get access to the amazing options available without the hassles of registration or creating any account. The only hassle is that you have to open the right website and research for the correct option. With several benefits, this can be the perfect alternative to thewatchseries that help you to continue watching series and movies of your choice.       

8. Hulu


Wondering where you can get access to thousands of movies and TV series. As thewatchseries is not in use anymore, you must be looking for effective alternative options. But not all of them are suitable ones and are able to offer the same collection and accessibility for the movie buffs. 

But Hulu offers users to enjoy the same experience to browse from thousands of movie and show options. One can try the free trial before opting for its monthly subscription and enjoying the movies of their choice. With a considerable amount of content in different genres, it is a good alternative option to try.   

9. Primewire


When looking for a great alternative option to thewatchseries, Primewire is suitable to try. If you found the previous platform a user-friendly one, this will not disappoint you and is perfect for a not-so tech-savvy person to get access to their favorite series and movies online. The free movies are interesting to watch with hardly any advertisement popping up in between. 

When sorting through the movies and series list, you can check the IMDB rating knowing each of its genres and choosing accordingly. Therefore, the TV series and movies are available and will update information on each of them. Without paying for registration, you are good to go to use the platform.       

10. HD Streamz

hd streamz

Are you looking for thewatchseries alternative app to run on mobile phones? In that case, HD Streamz would be the suitable pick. This application comes with complete compatibility to run on android devices and has the latest features and interface. This makes it easy to get access to the app without much technical knowledge. 

In addition, the app facilitates fast download of the online video and audio files and play it later on. The app enables in-app purchase features through which you can get access to additional features like an easy filter option, choosing the movies based on genres and the like. This saves time and you can start streaming the videos. 

Interestingly, other than movies and series, the app offers radio shows, music, news updates and the like. This complete package app is installed to tune into the live channels with easy radio streaming. With these additional features offered by the alternative, you need not worry when unable to use thewatchseries.     

11. Fmovies


Haven’t heard of Fmovies yet and looking for alternative of thewatchseries? Well, your search comes to an end with Fmovies with plenty of options of movies and latest series to enjoy. If watching your favorite series or movies in premium quality is a dream, Fmovies make your dream true with its excellent HD quality streaming service. There is no necessity to login or register on the site to get access to their content. 

Instead, logging in is a free procedure for the beginners. The website keeps track of your search results and accordingly, shows you the recommendations. As per the suggestion, you can search for the series of your choice and enjoy it from the comfort of your home even when thewatchseries has been barred.     

12. Bigstar Movies

bigstar movies

This alternative to thewatchseries is correctly named as it offers a blockbuster release. You can enjoy the latest release from the comfort of your home. Moreover, the website is easy to use. Therefore, you can easily look for the options of movies and series on the site. The new release covers a wide array of genres without any trouble of accessing the movies of your choice. 

Therefore, this alternative is worth a shot that won’t let you miss out on the latest blockbuster releases. Adding to the list of benefits, it offers free service and it is useful to get hands-on latest content.     

13. Coke and popcorn

Do Coke and popcorn sounds interesting right giving a real vibe of watching film? Well, this is what coke and popcorn does in real and it is considered as one of the best alternative to thewatchseries. Without taking the pain to visit movie theatres, enjoy ample choices of movies and series on this platform for free. 

Though, most of us have been a big fan of thewatchseries, coke and popcorn nevertheless. With its compatibility with a wide range of devices, enjoy thrilling, horror, drama and series from other genres with a coke and popcorn literally, sitting on your couch.  

14. Crunchyroll


Are you an anime lover and miss watching thewatchseries? Putting an end to your disillusionment, crunchyroll brings to you a whole lot of movie and series collection. Just type the name of the content and you are sure to get it from the database of the streaming platform. With its massive collection, you are sure to get back your anime series and enjoy it greatly with your friends and family. 

The wide options of language support, it is another interesting feature of the platform that enables you search for the movies in different languages. It has more than 200 dramas with other series options on the platform. So, anime lovers, get back your favorite time and watch the options through crunchyroll.     

15. SideReel


To get updated information about shows, reviews, ratings, and episodes, SideReel is the suitable alternative of thewatchseries. Get the best online streaming experience and it is compatible to run on both android and web. It is nothing less than using thewatchseries and browsing some of the latest TV shows, movies, audio and video clips and the like options. 

If you are worried about the interface, it offers a simple design and easy to use features to try in the app. To get access to its high quality video, you can do it for free without registering on the site or opting for any paid subscription. 

Some American series are also streamed on the site and therefore, it has gained great popularity over time. Therefore, it can be correctly considered as one of the best alternatives to thewatchseries. 

The Final Thoughts 

However, due to increased popularity of online streaming, thewatchseries alternatives are growing. Some of the options are magnificent in what they have to offer in its store. Users are elated to use the alternatives as some of them prove to be more than just enough as an alternative.