Web Hosting

The Top 3 Benefits Of A VPS Server

For many businesses, running off a Virtual Private Server (or VPS) has become the preferred hosting solution. A VPS provides them with an adequate amount of dedicated online resources without asking them to invest in a dedicated server – something that doesn’t often make sense for small or medium sized businesses. It also allows them to upgrade from a shared server, offering them scalability and the control they want at root level to grow their enterprises. What’s more is that by partnering with a strong web host, companies can sign up for an affordable service that is monitored for security 24/7.

1. Bridge The Gap On The Way To A Dedicated Physical Server

When working within a shared server, companies often feel ruled by the activities of other users on the network. If one user takes up too many resources, the rest pay the price and enjoy less to go around. If your own enterprise’s traffic is growing, you’ll be slammed with notices warning you to cut back or upgrade. If you choose a dedicated server however, you might wind up with more resources than you bargained for, features you don’t use but are stuck paying for — one of the benefits of a VPS server is that it acts as a great in-between, offering privacy but only asking users to pay for what they need.

2. Customize Your Server Through Scaling

The nice thing about a VPS plan is that there are many different sizes available, from beginner packages for those who’ve just graduated from a shared server, to advanced level packages designed for large and fast-growing startups. With any of these plans, the VPS comes scalable, enabling you to add and remove features as you please even if you’re not quite ready to move on to the next size package. HostPapa is one affordable web host with 5 VPS packages to choose from; whether you need 4 core CPU or 12, whether you need 1.5 GB of memory or 24 GB – they’ve got you covered.

3. High Level Of Control

With a VPS, you’re finally awarded access at root level, allowing you to make configurations and software installations without waiting for the go-ahead from your hosting provider. With a VPS you can also modify and customize scripts and commands giving you additional autonomy and security. All of your activities can be easily managed through a state of the art cPanel as well; this is ideal for users who want complete control.

There are many upsides to upgrading to a VPS; whether you’re outgrowing shared hosting or whether you’re an ecommerce site requiring more robust security features, there’s a VPS plan out there for you. It’ll provide you and your visitors with lightening fast server speeds, instant provisioning, guaranteed resources and the ability to install powerful apps and additional features to your plan with just one click. It’s a great choice for those who want to find something suitable between shared hosting and a dedicated server, who no longer want to feel stifled by limitations.