The State Of The Art iForex Mobile App

iFOREX has been upgrading their mobile and using their 20-years of trading experience to customize a product that meets all their clients trading needs.  The company is using customer request in conjunction with their knowledge of the capital markets to enhance a state of the art system. The App allows you to monitor manage your risk and adjust your balances in real-time without taking your eye of current market conditions. You can quickly make trading decision and execute trades, that help you manage your while on the go.

The IFOREX Mobile App Has Slick Features

The App makes it easy to trade and efficiently manage your positions.  It allows you to execute your trades using swipe features.  The IFOREX mobile app, integrates gesture technology into its platform, making it easy to maneuver.  You can download the IFOREX App from Google Play.

Trading IFOREX Securities

iFOREX provides clients with more than 600-financial instruments. Most of the product that are traded through the mobile app are contract for differences. These liquid products can enhance your returns using iFOREX’s margin trading.When important monetary policy or economic reports are released are announced or monetary policy changes, you are not in the dark if you have your mobile app, you can trade any of the assets that are offered by IFOREX.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The iFOREX mobile app makes moving your money simple. You can withdraw and deposit fund efficiently. If you need to make add money to make a new trade or to make a margin call, the mobile app can help you facilitate the process. In addition, if you quickly need to withdraw your funds, you can handle this using the app.

Monitory your Risk and Placing Trades

The mobile application allows you to trade where ever you have access to a cellular or internet connection. If you need to step out of your office or are away on vacation you can make important trading decision with the mobile application. The app provides you with a position monitoring system, that allows you to see your real-time profit and loss in conjunction with your open positions. If you want to make a trade, you can exit or enter a position nearly immediately.

All of Your Pertinent Information in One Place

The IFOREX app provide you with access to your pertinent financial information.  You can see the cash in your wallet, as well as your open positions which provide you with a balance sheet.  You can see all your transaction and move money into an out of the IFOREX application.

One of the most important features is the ability to customize the mobile IFOREXapp layout. If you want to go directly to your positions, you can create a layout that is designed to handle this function. If you want to go directly to a trading screen your mobile layout can handle this scenario. The flexibility provided by the state of the art technology makes the IFOREX mobile app an excellent trading tool.