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The Five Benefits of Security Cameras

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When things go missing and the culprit can’t be caught, security cameras could be the answer. In North Melbourne recently, it seems the installation of cameras may have solved the problem of a serial thief who has plagued homeowner Paul Ditchello all year.

After several plant pots and an antique shopping trolley had been stolen from his front garden over several months, Ditchello spent $400 on a camera to try to catch the criminal. Being careful to hide the camera from view, he began filming daily events a short time ago. Last week the camera caught the thief in the act in broad daylight. A visible number plate on the culprit’s car, picked up on film, should help police locate the culprit and press charges.

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This is a perfect example of how inexpensive cameras can provide real benefits to homeowners. It’s not just in catching plant pot thieves where advantages can be found, though. Here are another four benefits you’ll receive as a homeowner with security cameras:

Footage from security cameras is always accurate

Whether your home is attacked by theft, vandalism, or disgruntled neighbours, the camera never lies. There is no room for misinterpretation of the facts. A camera which is visible will be a deterrent, but where the culprit carries on regardless the resulting film becomes unequivocal evidence. Often this evidence can be used before a case ever gets to trial. If the case does ‘go all the way’ a jury will find film of an incident irristisible when weighing up evidence and coming to their decision.

Easily monitored from anywhere

Modern IP cameras can be wired into your home computer system easily and quickly. Whether at home, at work, or on holiday, you will have the capability to log into your computer and watch what is going on in and around your home. Caregivers can be monitored and outside areas observed; all from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, wherever you are and whenever you want. It is even possible to set alerts that send an email or text message telling you that a camera has been activated by motion or sound.

Customisation of capability

Security cameras work best when their subject is lit properly. Without adequate lighting, images are dark, grainy, and not fit-for-purpose. Night-time monitoring and filming is enabled by customising the security system with features such as motion and audio sensors, lighting the area only when needed. IP cameras can easily be set to come on and off at set times.

An alert system can be programmed to a home security system, with alerts sent to you when cameras are activated. This enables a passive/active approach to home security.

Save money on your home insurance

Although many more homes now benefit from home security cameras, few homeowners realise how much money can be saved on home insurance because they have cameras installed. The amount you can save depends upon the type of security system and cameras you have, but can be around 20% of premiums.

Insurance companies build your premium by referring to risk assessment: the lower the risk the lower the likelihood they will have to pay out and therefore the lower the premium. For example, homes in the mountains will have a lower risk of flooding than homes in a river valley.

Homes that have the advantage of security systems and cameras benefit from lower premiums because they are less likely to be burglarised. Burglars don’t like the increased chances of being caught.

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Factors that affect security related home insurance discounts

There are many factors which affect the amount of security related discounts you will receive on home insurance. The lowest discount is likely where DIY systems and cameras have been installed. The largest discounts are achieved where the most modern security systems have been installed with integrated cameras.

The type of equipment installed, home size and geographical location all affect the discount, but savings can be substantial.

Protect your garden and your home and save money

Security cameras placed indoors and out can provide protection and monitoring capabilities from anywhere in the world. There is a large range of cameras and systems available on the market, suitable for every need and all budgets. Whether you want to watch what is going on in your home or catch the green-fingered thief stealing your prize petunias, installing security cameras provides a range of valuable benefits to the homeowner.