The Best Productivity Apps For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are busy people. For a long time, becoming one was associated with the hard task of having to do everything and keep all the balls in the air. Technology has come to help out with this. There are so many applications that are now being developed to make entrepreneurship easier.

Other applications that are also useful are those that block off some tasks and access to specific sites. These also help to increase productivity as well. Once you identify the sites that you visit often but are unrelated to your work, you can download an application that blocks them at specific times of the day. You therefore do not have any access and this forces you to concentrate on the task at hand.

Some applications also help to analyze which tasks take you the longest time to complete. When this is established, you can then reallocate time and resources so you can improve efficiency on those tasks. There are so many applications to choose from. All an entrepreneur needs to do is to do some research and find out which will work best for their needs. Some of these apps include:


Evernote is a web and mobile application that can help you to keep track of your notebooks digitally. It works with everything from managing your calendar better to helping you keep track of payments and invoices.  It helps to increase your efficiency when it comes to record keeping and organization.

The application is also very simple to use. All you have to do is take screenshots of whatever you want to keep track of then put it in one of the folders on your digital notebook. With this application, you will never forget an invoice that is due or end up keeping a bunch of receipts in a file that just gathers dust in a corner.

Evernote is designed in such a way that it becomes more valuable the more you add screenshots to the notebook. Take photos of everything you need and save them on this digital notebook today. It makes it easier to find whatever you are looking for later on. At the click of a button or the touch of a screen, you can access everything you have saved.


Letterspace is an app that is specifically designed for people who do not like taking notes. It allows you to use hashtags to organize your thoughts into a more cohesive pattern.  This application has a floating cursor on the desktop which allows you to move around notes to create a document or even to correct a typo. It is versatile and simple to use which makes it great for entrepreneurs because they often have so much to do that some things get forgotten in the process.


Listen is another application that every entrepreneur should have. The app utilizes the ring back tone technology to respond to your calls when you are not in a position to pick up your phone. It also has SMS reply functions which send your contact a message if you are not able to come to the phone. It can customize your voice for the ring back tone response which makes your callers feel valued.

Another awesome feature that Listen has is the calendar. It syncs your meeting times with the automatic response so that you do not have to send the message yourself or have to prompt the application every time that you get into a meeting.


Humin is built to sync your contacts, voice calls and mailbox to calculate who your most important contacts are. It saves information such as where you met someone to help you remember the moment. This is important to entrepreneurs. After all, the backbone of any business is to be able to network, connect with people and create partnerships that are long-lasting. This application makes networking and connection easier for you.


Workflow allows you to customize your phone so that you can pass over tasks that are not absolutely important. This is important because it helps you to save up on a lot of time which can be then redirected to more productive activities. This application is beneficial to every entrepreneur.

One of the main challenges about entrepreneurship is that there is so much to do and so little time. Most entrepreneurs can attest to the fact that so many of their tasks are forgotten in the thick of things only for them to remember later. Time management is a critical quality to have as an entrepreneur.

However, with growth in technology and the availability of different applications, these processes can be made easier and available through reminders on their phones. This is why it is important for entrepreneurs to stay in touch with what is new in the world of technology. That way, they can take advantage of some precious gems and make their work easier, more efficient and more effective as well.

Ephantus Muhia is the lead writer for The Monitor Monitor, where he talks (obsessively) about monitors and displays.