The Best New Tech Toys To Take With You On Vacation


In an age where you feel naked without your mobile phone could you actually just leave it at home, and go on vacation without it? That’s right you probably cannot live without that phone,even if you are on a beach half way around the world you are still going to want to find out what is going on whether it is to keep a track of your investments or the latest sports scores the mobile phone has become part of our everyday lives so much so that when you mention an idea someone will say there is an app for that.Below we have put together a list of some of the top gadgets for 2012 to takewith you on the holidays

Sony NEX-7 Camera

Most point and shoot cameras are good enough for the holiday snaps, but if you want some seriously good magazine quality looking photos you are stuck with carrying around one of those neck aching SLR’s that are not only heavy but bulky too. Well we have some good news for you aspiring professional photographers out there, and that is that Sony has brought out its new flagship the NEX-7 the camera is not cheap at $1,349.99 but what it does offer is a 24.3 megapixel sensor, with a built-in viewfinder a sleek lightweight compact design that you can slip into your pocket making the NEX-7 the perfect camera for those vacation memories.

Logitech Bluetooth Ultrathin KeyboardFor many people the Ipad has become a replacement for the laptop however the big downside for people that a need to type a lot, is the IPads virtual keyboard. Logitech has come up with a brilliant solution with a Bluetooth ultrathin keyboard that is a stand for the IPad, and also acts as a cover for by magnetically snapping on the screen mimicking the look of a 10” MacBook Air. For more information visit their website at Logitech.

Garmin GPS nüvi series

What could be more ideal to take on your vacation than a GPS. When you don’t know exactly where you are going these navigation aids are ideal. The GPS nüvi series from Garmin is hard to beat and comes highly recommended. Learn more at Garmin. If you are considering hiring a car this vacation, why not ask for a GPS nüvi series as a part of your car rental deal?

Solar Kindle Cover

Want to do a bit of reading while you are out lying on the beach or by the pool? Then the Solar Kindle Cover by Solar focus could be for you. The Solar focus is a leather case for your Amazon Kindle e-reader, which has a built-in solar panel to provide all the power your kindle will need, with just one hour of sunlight providing three days of reading time. It also has a built in LED light that pops out allowing you to read at night. The LED light is powered by a reserve battery and can be turned on for up to 50 hours at a time. Not only is this a good looking case for your kindle, but at a price of only $79 it makes perfect sense to take it on vacation with you when you may be away from a power source. For more information visit the Solar focus website.


These are just a few tech suggestions for you. Why not investigate them a bit further and take one or more of them on your next vacation?