Technology Innovation Projects Worthy of Public Support

Many would be surprised with the many ideas presented through the Kickstarter program. Several Kickstarter games are now enjoying patronage from avid gamers. A lot of artistic creations in movies, books, dance, and fashion, among others are likewise enjoying positive attention and interest from paying customers. Among the many categories for project proposals accepted by the popular crowd sourcing platform, it is expected that technology innovation projects will be supported by the public because of their use or functionality.

Handibot: A Smart Digital Power Tool

handibot (1)

The Handibot is an innovative portable tool that runs from apps on smartphones, tablets, or PCs. This digitally-powered tool can be used for cutting, drilling, carving, and many other machining operations. It is described as a 3D cutter as the Handibot is considered a digital fabricator, comparable to that of a CNC machining service or Computer Numerically Controlled Equipment.

The PowerPot X: Most Reliable 10-Watt Portable Generator

power pot x


The PowerPot X is an innovative portable generator that turns heat into electricity. It uses fire and water to work while doubling as a cooking pot. It has been recognized as the 2013 Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice Gear Award. The PowerPot X introduces the next stage for thermoelectric power generation.

Robox : Desktop 3D Printer and Micro-Manufacturing Platform



The Robox is designed to be the simplest but most reliable and comprehensive 3D printing platform. It can start printing once the power plug and USB cord are in place. It boasts of several features including high print resolution, dual nozzle system for speed, automatic material recognition, quick-change head, and replaceable and removable PEI bed. It has also been future-proofed by its creators to ensure that it is ready for upgrades.

CordCruncher Headphones

photo-main cord cruncherThe CordCruncher Headphone may not be a necessity in life at first glance but it is the latest innovation in headphone technology. In ensuring that the cord does not get twisted or go haywire, greater comfort is given to the user. It customizes music listening experience by giving the user complete control over the length. The cord management system is very easy to learn and can be mastered within seconds.

The Value of Support

In the same manner that many Kickstarter games were able to achieve success in terms of consumer use, the technology innovation projects mentioned above can also be successful when supported by consumers. Success is not measured in funding but through the response of the consumers when the product is being rolled out by the manufacturer.