Stop Identity Thieves in Their Tracks

2 factor verification for phone

It is often said that security is like an onion; it consists of layers. If an intruder happens to get by one layer of security, there will be many other obstacles in their way. This applies to all the contexts of security; especially when you are trying to protect your identity. The utmost importance needs to be placed on protecting your identity and the assets attached to it. For this reason, it is essential to employ a two factor verification from Telesign. Not only does it provide the layers required to stop an identity thief, it also uses dynamic techniques that can help discourage attempts to steal your identity in the first place.

The dynamic nature of the two factor verification system is evident by the one time use of a password. For each use, you are provided a password. Then, it can no longer be used after that. There is no concern that someone else will be able to steal this password, because it loses all value when it is used. When you sign into the application the code is given; then you are required to use that code whenever you want to make a transaction on any website or application. You are also required to use a normal username and password login verification. This is just another step necessary to protect your identity.

To help make this system keep your mind at ease, all of this can be done from your phone. The phone verification provides you mobility and safety as it comes with a separate security code that will add an extra layer of security. When you use it all you have to do is identify phone number, verify your personal information, and it guarantees you that your phone is safe and secure. It works on most mobile platforms, and it can be used on many websites and applications.

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