Steampunk Tower: Big Theme, Bigger Play Value

Steampunk Tower

With its beautiful and stylized appearance, steampunk is very popular and can be seen through a variety of different mediums. Fortunately, for big fans, Steampunk Tower is a game that combines both steampunk and the defense tower genre to thrill players of all ages.

About the Developers

Steampunk Tower is developed by Dreamgate Company with ArmorGames as its sponsor. It is available for download and play through various online gaming websites.

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How to Play

The goal of the game is to build a massive tower and prepare your defenses against invading forces. To build a weapon, you simply have to click on the arrow (although you will need to have in-game cash to do so). Once you build the weapon, you just have to drag it to one of the platforms located on the tower.

The weapons will automatically attack anything that tries to invade the tower, although you will need to keep an eye on the yellow bar because this indicates a weapon’s ammo supply. If it runs low, you just have to drag the weapon into the tower to reload. Additionally, as the weapons destroy your enemies, a blue bar will begin to fill that indicates the experience earned. Once the bar is filled, you can drag the weapon into the tower to level it up.

In each level, there are three stars to collect in order to earn upgrades. However, the weapon upgrades alone will not be enough to win since you also need to figure out the various enemy types. Because some enemy types are more vulnerable to certain weapons, discovering exactly what works is the key to winning.

The game also offers plenty of replay value because you can replay earlier levels to earn more experience or money to help prepare yourself for even harder levels.

What People Have to Say

This game has received raving reviews because of its beautiful environment and sound, and is often used as an example of how defense games should be done. Because it uses only a handful of different weapon types, you have to really familiarize yourself with the enemy types as well to discover what will work best.

The enemy types are varied, so you need to use your upgrades and types strategically to best eliminate the threat. However, the fast pace will keep you on your toes as while throwing towers around to adjust your tactics.

Some players complain about the levels being too difficult, although they can be overcome. Having difficult levels ensures that players will be challenged and play longer. Additionally, some players have commented about wanting a button to speed up the game play as well. However, many agree that Steampunk Tower is certainly addictive and one of the very best games.

If you are looking for a beautiful game with plenty of replay value, Steampunk Tower well exceeds such requirements.

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