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Spy Apps: Understanding The Paranoia

Spy apps get a super bad rep, and more than their fair share by any margin. The idea of spying on or monitoring someone sounds like something out of a Bond movie but it happens extremely frequently. And there’s a reason these apps continue to stay in the market and do good business: they are extremely useful.

Spy Apps Understanding The Paranoia

The Bad Rep

Whenever someone mentions Android hacking, a lot of people make the mistake of sweeping something like Android spy software under the same rug. The perception that spying or monitoring someone through an app is the devil’s work comes from the belief that it’s only being done by jilted lovers and jealous spouses to keep tabs on each other and win bigger divorce settlements, perhaps. The reality is that the use of any such app to monitor on a phone that is not one’s own property is illegal. Even spying on a phone that you own but is in the possession of another without their knowledge and consent is illegal. And a large number of cases do not involve spat between two people who are in a relationship at all.

Definitely Not Malware

An app such as “” that can see everything that a phone owner does and monitor their every move; sounds more like a security risk or a type of malicious malware, doesn’t it? However, take a moment to think about it. When used on someone unknowingly this could be the worst thing on the planet, and it is. But when you use it on a teenager that’s being cyber bullied and doesn’t know how to tell their parents, you could save a life.

Definitely Not Malware

An Android monitoring app or software is meant to facilitate protection, not take it away. This is especially true in the case of parents that have to deal with digital issues, issues that they often do not even understand the length or breadth of. If a stranger came up to your child in the mall and began offering them a sweet in return for them going away with them, what would you do? Tell them to back off? Put up a fight? Alert the police? If this happens online through social media, would you even find out? That’s where such apps come in.

It’s All About The Ethics

Of course some people decide that ethically using such apps is time consuming and too troublesome, and it’s basically those people that give them the bad rep that they have. A monitoring app  can serve businesses well, for example. However, when employers monitor their employees without their knowledge and without having a proper policy in place, they create distrust around such solutions.

When used right a spy app can provide big data to a firm. The who’s who of the most productive staff is at the tip of their fingers because they can literally see the work that’s being done and how it’s being done. However, when implemented poorly this solution doesn’t just turn into a big legal problem, it also leads to the current bad rep that spy apps have.

It isn’t these apps that we need to be paranoid about, rather it’s the people who use them all wrong and then spoil the utility for everyone.