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Hello friends! Today we are here with you for a discussion on Spotflux VPN. Do you have any knowledge about this term? Do you know what does it mean? How it works? No! No matter we will here tell you each and every detail about the Spotflux VPN. Are you addicted to internet surfing? While you are using the internet facilities you are might been targeted by the companies as well as people tracking you so as to know your interests. There are many agencies which do track all the data about you as well as of your computers and further prepares a well maintained data. You never know who is tracking you, it might be hackers which are keeping an eye on you so as to keep a track of all the activities you are doing on internet.

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Spotflux is a program which generates a connection which is further encrypted to Spotflux cloud and per misses the user so as to safely transfer the data using this free proxy connection. Transferring your data will not only help you from saving your data from hackers but also it will allow to keeps all the ad networks at the bay too which further means that you will see only fewer annoying irritating ads along with the less consumption of the bandwidth. Using Spotflux VPN prevents you from the Internet agencies which are further may be tracking you.


  • Using Spotflux cloud, user can maintain an encrypted connection to internet which is further being secure
  • Allows you to scan as well as remove the malware from the incoming connections
  • It helps you to be safe from the Random IP and DNS addresses so as to track you
  • It makes the browsing experience better by preventing the targeted ads

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Spotflux keeps your data private but maybe it is time consuming only if users want to stop the malicious ads, malware, etc. it is similar to Tor Network but is simple and faster. Despite Spotflux is launched in 2012 and the company is further based in New York. Being a free service the slowdown or lags in connection might not be that much annoying.

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  • If you change your DNS settings then your social network accounts like Google, Facebook as well as certain other services which need your username & password so as to get login in might not recognize your PC and further may ask you to perform some additional procedure so as to get logged in. Facebook do allow users so as to save the device but other social networks will be keep on asking to follow all the procedure again and again every time during login.
  • Browsing through Spotflux VPN connection may lead to session timeouts. But this is a very rare condition and further with all the facilities Spotflux providing this is pretty bearable.

Are you using Spotflux free VPN? Free VPN is the perfect word so as to describe SpotFlux. If you are using it please share your thoughts and experiences with us.