Smart Visitor Management Tool Helps To Take a Step Close To Business

Post-lockdown, as soon as the offices reopen, the first thing that offices should consider is to safely welcome back its visitors. Well, before the pandemic, businesses used to entertain a lot of guests inside their premises. For signing-in guests, companies used to provide paper and pen. Now, things need to be changed. To reduce the transmission of the deadly disease, businesses should consider installing iLobby Visitor Management System. This kind of system would help guests with zero sign-in process and keep them safe from contamination.

Organization Needs To Be Very Careful

Organizations need the skill and support of various people, such as contractors, vendors, suppliers, clients, delivery personnel, their employees, etc to work successfully. Hence, organizations must ensure the safety of everyone working with them.

In the UK, as businesses reopened their doors, most organizations limited the number of visitors. Some organizations introduced a visitor management system, an alternative to sign-in books or sheets.

A visitor can access the tool or app to enter their details like name, address, and other necessary information. Pre-registering could help a visitor to avoid standing in a queue with others and coming in close contact with the other people.Smart Visitor Management Tool Helps To Take a Step Close To Business

Visitor Management Software Meets the Government Guidelines

The task of reopening the doors of the offices is going to be a great challenge for most businesses. They need to strictly follow the government guidelines for ensuring the safety of the employees. On top of that, welcoming guests and ensuring their safety needs more planning.

Companies need to abide by the law. They need to keep their employees protected from all kinds of harm. For this reason, installing an iLobby Visitor Management System is seen as the need of the hour. Also, organizations need to go through a safety audit within the premise to ensure proper protection from COVID-19 is being taken. Some of the guidelines as lay down by the government and that every organization needs to follow are:

  • Offer proper guidance on social distancing and hygiene for the visitors entering the office premise.
  • Restrict the number of visitors planning to visit an office or an organization in a day.
  • The time window for every visitor should be reduced. A specific time could be set for visitors. At the same time, visitors should be offered limited access.
  • Organizations should look into the fact that if they can reschedule the timing for the delivery of essential services. They should also see to it contractors can pay a visit during a different time. This would help to cut down the level of face-to-face interaction. Care should be taken to ensure that one time doesn’t overlap with other visitor’s timing; thus, reducing the chance of contamination.
  • A record of all visitors should be maintained. This is where a visitor management system like iLobby Visitor Management System could be very helpful. It would keep a record of every visitor who signs in to it before visiting an organization.
  • Social distancing and hygiene should be properly reviewed and revised before making any visitor arrangement program.
  • The entry and the exit routes should be properly reviewed for visitors, as well as, for the contractors. This would help in minimizing contact with other people, such as the employees of the organization.

Well, these guidelines are mentioned within the ‘Working Safely During Coronavirus’ document, which was issued by the government of respective countries.

In the event, a business house considers opening its business; it should be ready to adhere to the safety norms. They should get rid of the physical sign-in process and introduce visitor management software. Well, post-COVID sign-in books with pens are not at all convenient. Well, sharing pens increases the risk of contaminating the disease. Also, sign-in books can cause a long queue of visitors, which is also not advisable at this time.

Smart Visitor Management Tool Helps To Take a Step Close To Business Zero-Touch Sign-In Process Offers a Lot of Benefits 

Tools like visitor management remove the risk of contamination and even provides a secure visitor management experience. The app alerts the organization about the visitor even before they reach the site. The tracking management console allows organizations to track the whereabouts of the visitor.

The best thing about management software like iLobby Visitor Management System is that it allows hosts to pre-register the guests. An email along with a QR code can be sent to the visitor. The visitor needs to scan the code from their phone on reaching the site. 

During sign-in process, guests could be offered the safety guideline they must follow, such as social distancing, hygiene, follow safe distance marking, and more. Also, the details of the visitor remain stored in a safe place, which can be accessed at any point of time by the host. With features like real-time reporting and monitoring, tracing the guests is very easy.

High Security

Businesses need to follow safety norms. With iLobby Visitor Management System offering a digital sign-in process, a great level of security can be ensured. Intruders won’t be able to enter the premise easily. It can even help to prevent theft or any kind of assaults to the employees, as any visitor won’t be able to walk-in to the premise without signing in through the app or desktop.

In the present scenario, for a safe and contactless sign-in process, visitor management software is the ideal solution for organizations.