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Small Business – Profiting through Social Media

small business and social media

Are you running a small business? Or, you’re in a job and you want to start your own business but not sure whether you should invest on social media to make profits in your small business. We all know the power and efficiency of social media in the place of business. How the marketing has made tremendous profitability to ensure better business and reach all of the people at once. Now, the question arises, through large business you can easily consider on investing in social media. But, can you do that for small business. We’ll try to find out the answer.

There’s no doubt that social media can help tremendously in marketing whether the business is big or it’s small. Here, we’ll try to represent several social media sites and their uses or else abuses for your small business.

1. Facebook


Facebook has exceeded 500 Million profiles in the end of last year, 2012. It has the potential to drive the consumers through the business and your products. If you’re a small business owner then Facebook page can be one of the most successful ways to introduce your products and advertise them almost next to free on Facebook.

You can create a Facebook fan page and think on investing on social media marketing. You’ve no idea how much success it would bring for your local business and international too if you plan carefully and promote your products regularly.

2. Pinterest


Pinterest is one of the most profitable route through which you can do the marketing via social media. Pinterest can be very useful if what your revenue comes from product selling. Pinterest can be powerful enough to generate a lot of traffic and you can pin your product images in various blogs so that people can get notice of it.

3. YouTube


During the last decade, YouTube has been pretty great for business and education. Marketing through YouTube has never been easy and your small business can get pretty high rank through some videos of your products and telling people about the goods and bads about it. YouTube can generate more traffic than you think.

4. Twitter


Twitter is great for tweeting. It sounds as funny as it seems. But, Twitter can help a lot in spreading news. One new Tweet for your new product and you’re done. Although, Twitter can be a tough marketing platform but small business can easily achieve the traffic they need.

5. Linked In

Linked In

Past couple of years, Linked In has been a new performer in the field of business. It has grown so big through linking the organizations and the professional individuals in one platform. Industrial networking is the most important task for small business and Linked In is excels on that.

A survey was done by the Wall Street Journal to find out the most preferred social media sites that helped a lot. Surprisingly, beating everyone Linked In came out to be the winner. It’s evident that this social media site is pretty amazing for B2B network. But, don’t miss your opportunity to mix up and link all the social media sites and that’d bring ever-lasting success for your business.