Should Free Casino Games Be Regulated?

Several countries have currently been debating on whether they should regulate casino gaming or not. It has become the hot topic for gaming authorities and general public as well.

When it comes to games, the issues are not important. But a lot of these games provide in-app purchases to the players to complete certain levels and get ahead of competition. Some of these games are so attractive that even underage players are urged to try their fortune on gambling.

Some countries are yet to discuss whether such games create a gambling environment like in a casino which should be regulated.


In order to offer online gambling and automaty hry zdarma (That’s how Czech call free slots) for real money (a bit oxymoronic, dontcha think?), the companies need to adhere with strict rules and regulations that keep them from minting every penny from underage people and gambling addicts who are not able to pay. But social casino game makers don’t have such restrictions.

It was also one of the hottest topics at Social Gambling Conference in London recently. The discussions were about the odds of making real money in online gambling along with the non-gambling social casino makers, where they allow users to pay for poker chips or any virtual goods but cannot cash out what they win.

Some of the social casino games may be misleading. Some of the non-regulated games can set odds at any level and they are not random. Since they want to keep players engaged, they do everything to make game easier.

Casino companies are looking forward to enhance their branding to make money. According to the recent reports, an average player spends around $550 per month on average. To play free online games, people are spending around $7000 a year. Several legislators are going to figure out the ways to regulate gambling. Gambling needs the presence of mind, prize and chance. In gambling, players bet on results of any event which is uncertain to make more money.


Gambling is getting obviously too big in Europe. So, there is a need to impose regulations on this business.

The founder and president of real money gambling company PKR, Jez San added that he doesn’t accept that gambling regulatory associations should force game companies to adhere to gaming regulations. He spent several years in non-gambling business and took part in real money gambling for the past 6 years. According to him, casino gaming companies should adhere to regulations voluntarily.