SEO In Recession- Why Does It Still Make Sense

SEO In Recession- Why Does It Still Make Sense

Everyone knows that 2020 isn’t a great year for the world. While governments are struggling with public healthcare, businesses are finding it tough to stay alive. Dropping sales and profits are the biggest concern, so the marketing budgets are being hit. If you run an SEO campaign, you will surely be concerned about its viability during the pandemic. The answer is loud and clear- you should not think twice about continuing your campaigns because SEO has extensive benefits that can help your business stay afloat and even grow during a recession. Here are some reasons why it makes sense even during the tough phase.

It’s a steal

When money is tight, you would want to advertise without spending a fortune and that’s exactly what SEO does. Compared to other advertising tactics, this one is a steal. Being a persistent strategy, it doesn’t rely on market conditions for results. You just need to buy links from reputed sites and optimize the on-site ranking factors to sustain your rankings. Although this is something you need to do consistently, it is still far cheaper than collaborating with a celebrity for an endorsement or running an ad on the radio. The best thing is that you can even save money by outsourcing services from an SEO company rather than hiring an in-house team. 

Future-proof strategy

Another reason why SEO makes a worthy investment during tough times is that it is a future-proof strategy. You cannot say the same about other online marketing initiatives like PPC because the company’s cash flow may or may not be able to cope if the recession continues for an extended period. When the PPC account balance runs dry, your presence is likely to drop back to zero. Organic SEO, however, is a sustainable, long-term investment that will keep your site ranking over the months with just regular on-site monitoring and fresh content. New pages and blog posts will have you pretty much covered when it comes to retaining the visibility on top of search rankings.

Stay ahead of the competitors

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is to stay ahead of the competitors in the challenging landscape. A recession may be a great time to secure a competitive advantage because others may be cutting down on their marketing efforts to save money. It would be a great idea to avail reliable SEO reseller services at this stage because they can get you ahead with lesser effort and without spending a lot. It is easier to win the race when others are not running. So you can easily reach the top spot and just work ahead to consolidate your position up there. This is a smart approach as you get visibility and trust for your brand when it matters the most. 

An air-tight SEO strategy keeps your business up and running through a recession with good visibility and strong brand value. Although you may need to squeeze your budget to run a campaign, the benefits it can bring make it a worthy investment even when money isn’t flowing smoothly.