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Why Satellite Internet Can Make You Ditch Your Cable Internet Provider

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Online workers have it all, don’t we? We basically dictate our schedules. We get up when we want to. We work when we feel like it.


The truth is that while people who work online have more flexibility than those who work desk jobs from nine to five, we also have more responsibility in another sense. We do have clients who expect excellent work delivered in a timely manner. We have to enforce discipline upon ourselves. We have to deal with technical issues ourselves when they arrive.

And when it comes to technical matters, Internet connection is the main thing. Actually, even if you’re not an online worker, having reliable and reasonably fast Internet is something that everyone puts a premium on. And guess what? Your cable Internet provider may not just be cutting it.

The good news is that there is an alternative in satellite Internet.

You may have heard of satellite Internet before – it has been around since 2003 (the first Internet-ready satellite for consumers, at least) after all, not to mention the fact that the first Internet transmission used a satellite in there somewhere. Today, we definitely have more options when it comes to satellite Internet providers, but is it enough to tempt you to ditch your cable Internet provider?

It depends on your needs and preferences, but here are some convincing reasons to make that switch.


Satellite Internet is more readily available in the United States as compared to cable or DSL. If you think about it, the reasoning is rather obvious – this connection requires satellites which are up in space, and data can be beamed up/down regardless of the terrain, which cables are reliant on.

Instant connection

The truth of the matter is that there are still many households in the US which use dialup Internet. This is due to the fact that remote areas may not have cable or DSL infrastructure, so they rely on telephone lines to connect to the Internet – using dialup modems. For these consumers, satellite Internet is the better option not only because of availability but also because of the convenience of always being connected.

Cost effectiveness

There used to be a time when satellite Internet was very, very expensive. Today, there are more providers, so the cost has gone done. Additionally, providers offer deals which will lower the cost even more. For one, there are options to lease the satellite dish so you don’t have to shell out a huge amount in one go. Another option is to bundle your satellite Internet with TV services.

No wires, less possibility of disruption

We’ve all had that – cables being cut somewhere under the ocean, connections going funky somewhere in the neighborhood, telephone lines going down…

These are the hazards that come with cable connections, so we just have to live with it. With satellite Internet, however, there are no cables so the possibility of disruption of service due to this is done away with!

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