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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

One of the biggest pieces of criticism heaped on Samsung over the years is the fact that they are a company which is afraid of innovation. When they launch a new product, you can be sure that it is going to be pretty close to its predecessor. There may be a few new minor features and a speed boost, but it will be otherwise be very hard to distinguish between the models. This was one of the biggest complaints about the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4. Samsung seem to have gone against the grain a little with the introduction of the Galaxy S6 Edge though, and by all accounts this shaping up to be one of the best Android phones ever.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge does away with the familiar design of the Samsung Galaxy line of products. It is incredibly curvy. This includes the screen, which wraps ever so slightly around the edges of the phone. Higher quality materials have been added into the mix too. Gone are the days of plastic, now it is all about the glass and metal. It feels absolutely brilliant.

The MicroSD card slot, a standard feature of Galaxy phones, has gone. As a replacement, the memory capabilities of the device have been upped. You can now purchase this device in 32, 64, or 128GB versions. We have also had to kiss goodbye to the removable battery, although the wireless charging has seen a few improvements. It is now compatible with a number of different chargers on the market.

One of the best new features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the introduction of ‘fast charging’. If your phone is completely dead, you can plug in that charger for 10 minutes. You can then expect to get four hours use out of the phone from that single charge. It is however a great shame that Samsung decided that the removal of the removable batteries was the way to go. This was one feature which really helped the device to stand out from the crowd.


The curved screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is designed to be an aesthetically pleasing feature, although I do absolutely love the fact that you can now see when the screen flashes, even when it is placed face down on a surface.

Many additional improvements have been made to the hardware. The Edge boasts one of the best screens I have ever feasted by eyes upon, although that is to be expected as Samsung produce fantastic mobile device screens. The AMOLED boasts a resolution of 1440×2560, and it is highly detailed as a result.

The fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor, two features which owners of the S4 and S5 hated, have been completely revamped. They actually seem rather useful now and they are certainly something that I will be using a lot.

Apart from this, the speed of the phone has been given a nice increase, and hopping between apps, or even running the most powerful apps on the Play store, is an absolute breeze.

In my opinion, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge outshines the Apple offerings and it is fair to say that Samsung have put a lot of effort into developing this phone.