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The Return of the Pirate King

After being humbled by a raid in his mansion for charges of copyright infringement and having his MegaUpload closed as a result, Kim Dotcom aka the Pirate King makes a return via Mega, apparently no less proud than before.  He does so with much flair and aplomb by spoofing the raid while promoting his updated file-sharing offering.  So what can we expect from this?

It is possible that he may not be as successful as before in spite of his seeming confidence.  The situation has changed a lot since then.  There is now a legal alternative to illegal downloads of copyrighted music.  More and more people are satisfied with having access to such music and the interest in “owning” them by downloading is not as popular.  Streaming is now the in thing to do.

Downloading copyrighted materials has been and is still being met by stern legal warnings that arrests are going to be made.  The Pirate King continues to fight extradition efforts of the US government from New Zealand where he operates.  With the inclusion of a music-streaming service from Mega, it would seem like the Pirate King recognizes the possibility that illegal downloading is really on its way down.