Results and Accomplishments of Gem4me platform in 2022 

For Gem4me, the main achievement of the outgoing year — is its new positioning. From now on it is not just a messenger, but rather a platform with various services on it.

Below are some of the main features of the core achievements during the course of the year:

– integrated a news feed in the channels section;

– added new privacy and security settings;

– introduced new capabilities for bloggers, including live broadcast recording, comments on articles and sending donations;

– introduced free voice message transcription for all the users;

– new backgrounds for chats and individual sticker packages, as well as, an indicator of a message being composed and many more.

The list could keep on going, although specific details of technical improvements are not of much interest to common users — they prioritize uninterrupted work of services and new features instead.

News feed in channels

The most unexpected and unusual introduction, as practically all users seemed to not notice it. The news feed functionality is most frequently seen on social networks. However, the news feed in Gem4me now depicts the latest posts by channels a user is subscribed to, while in the nearest future it will also provide recommendations to users based on their interests.

Voice message transcription

Transcription of voice messages may seem like a minor feature at first; however, many users were expecting it.

Users do not enjoy listening to voice messages most of the time — it is inconvenient and time consuming. Although, voice messages are being sent in increasing numbers lately. Therefore, just one button resolves this issue in Gem4me. Additionally, no fees are charged for the use of this service on the platform.

Updates to personal settings

Everyone should consider their security and privacy online, as scammers come up with more and more new methods of obtaining personal information. Gem4me introduced a set of crucial features in this regard over the course of 2022: users are now able to prohibit receipt of voice messages from one or a group of users or select those individuals who can add them to new channels.

Special services for bloggers

Gem4me devotes a lot of attention to bloggers. The ability to host live broadcasts was introduced this year, as well as, they can also be recorded if need be. Moreover, co-hosts can also be invited to join the live broadcast.

Further, bloggers prioritize feedback from their subscribers, as they host their channels for the purpose of receiving a reaction. From now on, users can communicate in comments under articles and live streams, discuss them, express their opinions and share their impressions.

Additionally, Gem4me now also offers the service of sending donations to bloggers, commission free, of course. The launch of the long-awaited advertising platform is expected shortly — it should begin operating in 2023, while it is currently in the testing stage.

Design and interface

A few more innovations that deserve the spotlight — backgrounds for chats, new sticker selections, hint screens, miscellaneous corrections of errors and much more. Such details are continuously being worked on and improved in Gem4me. For instance, personalized stickers were truly enjoyed by users. The feature allows users to design stickers and use them in daily communication: this feature is especially appreciated by close friends who frequently use inside jokes and memes in their chats.

Consequently, Gem4me is anticipating to completely stray away from the “messenger” classification over the course of 2023 and become something major. Currently, it boasts a social network, a blog platform and even a marketplace. Although, there is much more to come. Developers promise to amaze us continuously.