Remove DRM Protection: TunesKit Audio Converter

One of the most frustrating issues that iOS users face is the limitations that they face with Music and audio files that they download from iTunes stores. This is where you will find TunesKit Apple Music Converter one of the most amazing and versatile DRM protection tools that you can find online. 

With the help of their advanced and versatile features, you will find it really easy to download, convert, and share audio files in your preferred format. Moreover, you will find that it is really easy for you to use this Apple Music to MP3 Converter that allows you to share Apple music files that are not compatible with non-iOS devices. 

Highlights Of TunesKit Audio Converter 

1. Option To Convert Multiple Types Of Audio Formats

The most useful feature of this amazing audio converter is the fact that you can use it to convert most of the audio files to your desired audio format. As iOS devices support different file formats that are not supported with windows you can use this to convert those files and use with any device of your choice. 

2. You Can Customize And Edit The Files That You Convert

Not only you get to convert your audio files with this amazing converter, but you can also customize and edit the files as well. You get a variety of options that you can try in order to customize your music file. 

You have the option of setting up the codec, Sample rate and Bit rate of the audio file, along with the sample rate. Besides these technical features, you can also change and adjust the pitch, speed, volume, and several other aspects of your music file without any problem. 

3. Edit Music Tab Information

As you are converting the music files with this tool, you also get the option of editing the music tab information that is there. This way you can change the title, genre, year, the name of the artist, and copyright segment as well. All this makes it really easy for you to share and access your music files. 

4. 100% Quality Output And 30x Processing Speed

Since this amazing software offers you zero loss in the audio quality you can expect excellent audio output as you convert your music files and besides that, you get a lightning-fast speed when it comes to the conversion of your audio files. 

Subscription Model 

You can opt for a free trial of this software from its official website or you can even get the paid version of this amazing converter at 39.95 USD which is applicable for lifetime use. This is why you do not have to pay for this amazing piece of software again and again. 

You also get an option of buying the media converter as well by only paying 20 USD making this combo a really good deal. 

User Guide

With the help of just a few simple steps, you can use this really amazing audio converter. 

  • You start the conversion of your audio files by downloading and installing this software on your PC. Once you are done with the installation process you can start with the conversion of files by dragging and dropping them in this window. 
  • Besides that, you can also use the symbols that you see on the top of your screen in order to upload the files that you want to convert. With the first symbol from left, you can upload Apple music files. The button that you see in the middle can upload other media while the last button can be used to sort the files that you upload. 
  • Once you are done with that above two steps, you can start the conversion of your audio files. For that, you just have to change the audio setting of your audio files according to your liking and thereafter you can click on the CONVERT button. In this process, you can adjust several aspects of your audio file that were mentioned earlier in this article. You can also edit the size and other common settings of your audio file accordingly. 
  • Lastly, you can share or use these files on your desired device as you are done with the whole conversion process.  For that, you can find the files that you converted int the output folder that is mentioned at the bottom of the screen. You can also change the output destination according to your requirements.


Final Verdict

With TunesKit Audio Converter you get a versatile and high-performance tool that you can use in order to convert Apple music files that are protected by DRM that makes them incompatible with any non-iOS device. Moreover, you get a ton of customization options with the audio files that you convert that you can choose according to your needs and requirements.