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Nothing can be like streaming on a virtual computer and watching movies and series on a shared browser with friends. It is similar to watching a movie together, enabling message and video chat options through rabbit. As Rabbit went out of business, millions of users were in search of rabbit alternatives. This meant watching a movie with people who are far away, while giving the feel that you are watching a movie together. 

You should try to choose an alternative that is easy to operate both on desktop and smartphone devices for ease of usage. Despite being scattered, the platforms mentioned below enable one to watch the series and enjoy online streaming together and discuss via live chat options. 

In this regard, Kast has promised to bring in close-enough features to that of Rabbit but failed to do so. If you have enjoyed virtual watch parties and want to relive the moments again, the compiled list of alternative browsers enumerated below shall help.

Best Alternatives 2020

1. Netflix party

Netflix Party

“Netflix and chill” has been the new trend we all want to indulge in, right? With its wide array of movies, TV shows, series, it is one of the most happening online streaming platforms. From date nights to friends hanging together, this watch party is the ideal pick even when you are far away from each other. 

For co-watching, this platform offers plenty of latest features and makes the watch happening on Netflix. Users can get access to its library and go through the rates of movies and series. The files can also be downloaded on the platform and watch later. While chatting with your partner via the platform, enjoy the movie that seems like real-time interactions in a movie theatre.

2. Watch2gether


When looking for an excellent rabbit alternative, Watch2gether can be the safest bet that brings a host of music, videos, and shopping facilities on Amazon under one roof. Live sync playback is an amazing feature that streams online with good speed and additional chat options. 

From watching videos to listening to music and shopping together with friends, it is really fun. It is a great option to share the experience of watching and discussing with your family and friends when watching the series of your choice. So, you can try this alternative in place of the rabbit.    

3. Tutturu


Do you miss virtual movie watching with friends on Rabbit? You can continue your fun of streaming online with friends on Tutturu. Invite friends and enjoy watching your series and movies with a favorite. This shared virtual browser offers almost similar features that Rabbit offered to the users. 

Some of it includes features of a private room, free browsing on the platform, remote passing, and interactive watching online with friends. Both text and audio chats are enabled. As it has become one of the favorite alternative options for ex-rabbit users. It is trying to bring innovative features like video chat, mobile app facility, and public room chatting options.    

4. Twoseven


If you miss online streaming as Rabbit is not in use, Twoseven is the option. It brings back your fun on watching the series via the online platform and interacts with friends getting a real-time feel of watching movies in theatres. Though this platform lacks the live audio facilities, it has included live interaction via webcam, better video streaming and having great experience watching the movies from the comfort of your home. 

One can stream Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu on this platform. If you want to stream video from another website, Twoseven also enables the same without letting users compromise the quality of online video streaming. 

5. Kosmi


Are you searching for virtual hangouts with friends, or watching favorite series? Well, the rabbit is not in use anymore and so, Kosmi promises to bring to you some similar features and enjoyment of chatting and watching movies together with friends. This is possible without even installing or signing in on the platform. 

Other than this, you can communicate using a webcam, and indulge in other activities as listed below. Do you want to share your online streaming screen and enjoy discussing series while watching it together? This is exactly what Kosmi offers and enables watching synced YouTube and local videos on this platform.  

6. TogetherTube


TogetherTube is one of the suitable alternatives to that enables hosting watch parties online. With easy video syncing facilities from other platforms like SoundCloud, YouTube, DailyMotion, you can enjoy video watching with your friends getting a real feel. Be it a new trailer or a new series, watch it together, discuss it together even when you are far away on TogetherTube. 

With the facility of a private chat room, enjoy watching together and include your favorite video in your watchlists. The members watching together can decide for a watch party by means of vote and discuss in the chat room. 

7. Metastream


It has gained the topmost position when looking for an excellent alternative to the rabbit. Its technology-driven interface offers better live streaming facilities to users, enjoying their favorite session virtually together. This online streaming platform is a great delight to use for some of its highlighting features like on-screen chats, queuing, user management and the like options. 

Even though the popular features of Rabbit are missing, the additional features make up for it. Enjoy live music syncing from Amazon and it supports syncing video from most of the popular online streaming platforms.   

8. SyncLounge


As an alternative to and enjoy watching hassle-free media streaming, SyncLounge is an excellent solution to try. It is considered an ideal option for Plex players and you can easily sync Plex library and play it on this platform. With an easy private room facility, connect with friends while enjoying your favorite movie or series on SyncLounge. 

The platform runs on its server due to which it is easy to pass data to different users from this platform. Making your video watching a social and interactive activity, chat with your friends and other members getting the actual feeling.

9. Airtime


Trying to stream Rabbit alternatives on your smartphone? Well, this is no such challenge with Airtime as it’s one of the best alternatives to Rabbit. From watching videos on YouTube to listening to music, chatting with friends with funny stickers, this is another option where one can have a real-time feel. 

Moreover, it supports audio commentary to enhance the feeling of watching it virtually. With 10 users, chatting in one room is great to enjoy online streaming via this platform. If you feel like exchanging texts and photos while streaming online, Airtime enables the same, making it one of the best apps for watching parties using mobile.    

10. Syncplay


Are you unable to watch downloaded content together with friends? Putting an end to your worries, Syncplay is one of the best Rabbit alternatives you can ever try. Interestingly, it can be used on the different operating systems. Adding to this, you can also play offline media using MPV, VLC media player, and the like options with facilities of a private room. 

Invite your friends and family in the private room and enjoy watching through the watch party together. This gives the feel of watching a movie together in a cinema hall. Though some interactive features are missing on Syncplay, it enables easy syncing of a wide range of media through different devices and platforms.    

11. ShareTube


If you are not a tech-savvy person and want to watch YouTube videos simply like you used to do on Rabbit, it is ShareTube. With a user-friendly interface, create room and share the videos of your choice, and have fun watching it together. It also enables the group chat option making the video streaming an interactive session with friends. 

The platform enables watching videos together with a synchronized playback option. Share reviews and experience of watching together. Either you can join a room or make one and enjoy some watching online videos together. You need not create an account to join rooms. It may be as great as Rabbit, however, nothing less than that.        


Do you want to play videos directly on a streaming app? With, you can enjoy the facility of easy video streaming and video syncing. Moreover, it integrates different platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. Enjoy group chat with emoji and other interactive features in this alternative app of Rabbit. So, enjoy watching your favorite content together, share URLs, and chat with the feeling of real-time sessions.      

13. AnimeParty


Another great alternative to Rabbit is AnimeParty, with the facility of a private room to discuss your online session with friends. For a co-watching platform similar to Rabbit, this option is a suitable one to try that comes with a plethora of features making online streaming fun on this platform. It also has a content library to use and watch the series of your choice with ease. If you are an Anime lover, this platform is perfect to host a watch party.   

14. Rave


Rave is another excellent alternative to Rabbit installed with basic features with chat rooms and interaction facilities. Besides, it enables watching content from Vimeo, Google Drive, Dailymotion and the like. Even the playback sync option is easy to use. The voice chat makes it fun to discuss online videos with friends and watch any video content you want. 

The music files you play on Rave can be synced with smartphones and played whenever you want. So, when looking for a smartphone alternative, this can be touted as an all-in-one solution with a better streaming experience.   

15. AndChill


Do you want to create chat rooms with private and public acquaintances? This is what AndChill, an excellent Rabbit alternative to stream your favorite movies. Start enjoying video by creating a room of your choice where you can exchange video and audio files. 

There are features like open chat rooms, and you can invite others to join in a particular chat room. With multiple chat rooms and sync playback options, this is one of the best sites like rabbit with close enough features.    

16. Parsec


Are you looking for a game and video streaming app under one platform? Parsec can be your ultimate solution that works great as an alternative to Rabbit. Users can comment and enjoy watching videos and play games, enjoying real-time feelings. 

Nothing can be greater than streaming with friends and chatting over private chat rooms as if playing in cafes and watching movies in theatres together. Get to enjoy this from the comfort of your home with seamless watching. Even synchronized playback is easy with the ability to chat with contacts.   

17. Invited


This is another amazing rabbit alternative with a plethora of features to offer. As users are able to create a chat room, they have control over the access of the web browser. This platform keeps its promise of delivering premium quality videos catering to varied movies from different genres. You can browse through a plethora of website options on Invited. 

With a private room chat facility, users can get access to a virtual machine using this platform. The chat room process with easy control sharing accommodates up to 50 people at a time, and it makes online streaming more like watching a movie in a theatre. Though the application is free, there are subscription packages available. In this, you do not have to wait for long to join any chat room.

The Final Words 

So, you can choose from the best alternatives mentioned above, and it helps in online streaming with friends and family from any parts of the world. To stay virtually connected and enjoy your favorite movies or series, try to pick the correct alternative that comes installed with most of the latest features. 

Whichever alternative platform you choose, try to use the latest version of the app for hassle-free use. Most of the alternatives mentioned above offer excellent playback synchronization options. So, choose the alternative of your choice and start enjoying and adding some latest series and movies to your playlists with a real-time experience from the comfort of your home.