Psychology Tips To Help Increase Sales For Your Business

Over recent months businesses across the world have been faced with the detrimental effects of COVID-19. From high street shops being ordered to close their doors to pub and restaurant owners anxiously wondering what the future holds for their industry; it’s not just a health crisis the world has been facing, but an economic one as well.

As the UK and many other countries cautiously begin to open up to a new, more normal way of life, the priority for businesses across the country is to boost sales and begin to get back on their feet again. Although the reopening of shops, restaurants and other venues has been warmly welcomed by many, not everyone will be so eager to hit the shops and grab a bargain.

With this in mind, it’s important that you analyse the best ways to increase sales so that you can make the most of any potential customers you do have visiting your business. If you’re wondering how to take advantage of your business reopening, then Immedia have looked at the psychology tips to help increase sales, which should come in useful to you.

Fine Tune Your Audio Output

It may not have ever crossed your mind but research suggests that the type of music you play in your store can have a positive effect on sales. According to the Journal of Consumer Marketing, it’s important to change the background music depending on what time of day it is, as this can have an impact on the way customers shop.

An example of good in-store background music is implemented by high street beauty store, Superdrug. The brand decided to create their own radio channel which would be played in their stores, which would advertise offers on selected products. It was reported that because of this, sales for these specific products increased by around 10%.

Show, Don’t Only Tell

According to a study carried out by Knowledge Networks PDI, product demonstrations have the potential to increase sales by around 475%. Due to the current situation and social distancing measures that are in place, this means that product demonstration won’t be as easy as what they once were; but this doesn’t mean you can’t conduct them without the correct precautions in place.

Customers are much more likely to buy if they can hold and test the product before they purchase it. As they’re becoming similar with what’s in front of them, take this opportunity to talk to them in detail about the product and the potential benefits it has. This will create a strong and trusting relationship between you and the customer, which will put you in a good position.

Although we have only shared two of Immedia’s eight psychology tips with you, you can start to understand just how important the finer details can be when it comes to increasing sales. As businesses across the world slowly start to get back on their feet, it’s important to do whatever you can to rebuild any financial damage which has been caused over previous months and put yourself on the front foot as we adapt to a new normal.