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Product Review – EMCO MSI Package Builder Review

Here comes another interesting tool that makes your tech life smoother and lift your remote deployment skills a bit better. Installing applications over remote computers is needed in organizations where number of PCs were pretty huge and support persons needed to physically visit to every PC to get the needed applications installed.

EMCO MSI Package Builder is indigenously developed tool to silent deploy the needed applications within few clicks. It works effortlessly regardless the number of PCs and applications you want to install on networked computers. By taking few inputs (traditional setup files, customizing parameters, target PC installation location etc.), EMCO MSI Package builder would be able to build MSI Packages and install the target application on remote PCs. MSI Packages contains instructions and executable files to install the desired applications on remote PCs and ensure the consistency of PC performance.

Product Review – EMCO MSI Package Builder Review


Among the number of advantages this tool provides, we’ll only discuss few useful and most popular feature you’d love to explore:

Create MSI Packages

This EXE to MSI converter tool offers perfect intuitive interface and wizard based steps to manually create healthy MSI packages for silent deployment. You can also go for automatic method of creating MSI packages which makes use of changes tracking technology without compromising the file system and registry changes.

This tool mainly develops or create MSI packages that can be silently deployed on any number of PCs without any action needed at the client side. Next time, you can deploy MSI package on new PCs immediately or even without creating MSI packages again.

Visual MSI Package Editing

This application opens huge number of opportunities to personalize MSI Packages before getting it ready for deployment. You can customize MSI packages the way you want using visual editor that works in accordance with the target PC performance.

This tool also lets you decompile third party MSI packages and modify the desired parameters before getting it ready for deployment.

Advanced Installation Resource Management

As the name suggests, this tool also lets you manage installation resources easily and effortlessly using visual MSI editor. These operations includes resource allocation, resource addition and deletion, modifying file attributes, file system or registry resources and more.

Installation Wrapping

Recently added yet powerful option to group multiple silent installations into single MSI package that needs to be installed on any desired PC. Remember, you’ll need specify silent keys for every installation included.

Software availability

This software is basically available in two versions: Professional and Enterprise. Regardless the version you choose, you’ll get 30 days of free trial period to explore the powerful capability of this tool.

Professional edition helps you build MSI packages using live monitoring technology that assures the target PC installation changes. Additionally, you can convert traditional setup program (EXE files) into MSI packages with full installation control.

Enterprise editions provide advanced options to customize MSI packages. Also, customization of existing installations and repackaging them is enabled in this version.

Final thoughts

The software is completely adaptable to different ages of people with different level of experience. Intuitive interface and easy workaround makes this utility stand ahead from the similar products in the market. EMCO MSI Package builder got updated recently with loads of improvements and bug fixes (previously existed).

EMCO Software has range of other useful utilities other than MSI Package builder and known worldwide for developing indigenously quality products. For any queries or complaints, you can drop a mail or get in touch directly over phone.