Private Messenger: Safety Chatting At Any Time!

At the time of the active creation of mobile applications, the use of messengers prevails more over SMS and sending multimedia messages using MMS. But on the Internet periodically displays information that soon our favorite messengers will begin to die out. All this is due to the unsafe use and verification of personal correspondence by the security services.

So, weve prepared the list of reliable messengers you can use for real data protection. Read the article and choose your private messenger!

Private Messenger: Our Top Of The Best Variants!


Utopia is a broadly functional decentralized ecosystem that is based on peertopeer architecture. It uses advanced and modern methods for protecting and storing user data. It is happened by using a highspeed Elliptic Curve25519 and 256bit AES that protect data from external threats.

Utopia does not use a single data storage server, as this method is not secure. Instead, it creates separate servers for each user and generates a personal key that opens access to it.

All functional tools are available for use anonymously and completely censor free. These include:

  • uMessenger transfers encrypted audio and text messages between users;
  • uMail sends confidential files and documents for work purposes between colleagues;
  • Idyll Browsera browser that works on a closed circular principle, that is, all sites are located inside and available for use thanks to tunnel data technology.
  • uWallet is an electronic wallet that stores cryptons. It is a specially created cryptocurrency that allows you to make and accept any secure payments within the ecosystem.


WeChat is a mobile app for text and voice messaging and many operating systems support that. It was developed in China in 2011.

It is both a portal, a platform, a mobile operating system, and a messenger. WeChat allows you to perform cash transactions (the number of payments is higher than in the worldwide PayPal system). It integrates with Facebook and Tencent QQ and it has a machine translation function.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal is a free messenger created specifically for those who are concerned about privacy during correspondence or phone conversations. Works on both Android and iOS platforms. The mobile app was specifically developed using the Open Whisper Systems software.

Signal is characterized by the simple interface, reliable encryption algorithm that is used in the famous CyanogenMod system and the ability to archive correspondence. The interface and functionality of the app are constantly being improved for convenient and reliable use.


Wickr is an anonymous messenger that covers all tracks of users. The idea of the messenger arose in the USA after the informational leakage of NASA. Developers decided to use the updated encryption standards and implemented encryption based on using AES256, ECDH521, RSA4096TLD. Now Wickr is used by more than 1 million people around the world.

Wickr encodes any received and sent the message to prevent data leakage. It hides the user’s name and geoposition. It helps to provide a highquality safety measure for each user data protection. Above all, it protects the messages from the screenshots and has the function of creating the selfdestructing messages.


Line is a messenger that is available both on mobile phone and PC. It is absolutely free and has a userfriendly interface with a great amount of paid stickers.

It allows users to exchange any data online, create group chats and provides users with the ability to make free voice and video calls. As a pleasant bonus, Line provides each user with the great scope of different funny stickers, emojis and emoticons. Also, there are celebrity idols, famous person GIFs, etc.


Chadder is another representative of secure messengers with content encryption. It works only in online mode. Those who try to track your messages will end up with a set of hieroglyphs. Chadder uses endtoend encryption, which is worked before sending the message. Each user has a personal key that opens access to messages.

Clients can also use the message selfdestruct function at a preset time.

Don’t waste time! Chatting with no limits and censorship!