Phone Cleaner & Speed Booster App – Optimize Your Android Device

You will find the Play Store is filled with various phone optimizer apps. Though Android leads the platform of the most popular operating systems in the world today, it too gets slow with time (you sure must have experienced it!).

Why does it happen?

One of the primary reasons that it happens is because like desktop programs, our smartphones too generate and store various files in its system.

For example, when you uninstall an app, the Play Store may not delete some files. These are nothing but useless data, folders, files, cache and unnecessary applications occupying your storage space.

We forget or do not pay much attention towards cleaning these files… thus slowing down our phone over time. Apart from running out of storage memory, some apps may abruptly stop working too.

You will need an Android Phone Cleaner to free up space occupied by junk files. These applications monitor your RAM usage and display warnings whenever your phone runs out of memory.

Why should you use a phone cleaner?

As an operating system, Android offers a smart management system. While, it can take care of background running apps on its own, but when it comes to memory utilization and data storage you need to be careful while handling your device.

Do you really need a phone cleaner for Android?

Almost all users (exceptions are even less than a handful!) store unwanted data on their phone more than useful ones. Naturally, it slows down the phone and forces it to lag more than expected. This is why your Android phone needs the best phone cleaner app.

What does a phone cleaner do to your Android phone?

If you are using an outdated Android version or even if you have switched to any of the latest versions, you need a phone cleaner and optimizer app to clean and speed up your android device

The best phone cleaner app is programmed to help you get rid of junk files, uninstall unwanted apps and release more RAM. Such an app allows you to manage your phone and keep it organized.

Why is a phone booster app important?

A speed booster disables apps that take too much space on your device. And how is it helpful?

Firstly, you cannot use all apps at once. Disabling apps that you do not use will boost apps that you are currently using thus helping it perform faster and better.

Furthermore, when your device is running too many apps (most of which you are not even using), it will require your phone to complete many tasks at once and cause it to overheat.

Overheating damages battery life. It is therefore important that you get yourself a phone booster and enjoy its benefits.

Advantages of phone booster for Android

  • Boost device memory and improve the experience with your phone.
  • Bring all apps running on your device under control.
  • Close background apps to improve device’s performance.
  • Free up RAM to speed up your device.
  • Prevent your phone from all crashes and freezes.

Which is the best phone cleaner and speed booster app for Android?

ITL Phone Cleaner has over thousands of downloads on the Google Play store. So yeah! The app is pretty popular. Let’s get to what it does and why should you use it.

ITL Phone Cleaner is one of the best cleaner and phone booster app for your Android smartphone. It removes useless files from the system and release more space. It can detect and delete cache files, unused APKs, junk data, empty folder and residual files overburdening your phone.

This phone optimizer can boost the speed of your device for free, optimize battery power, and also provide an effective virus scan as part of its all-in-one toolkit for Android.

Key Features of ITL Phone Cleaner – Junk Cleaner And Speed Booster

As one of the most downloaded junk cleaner and speed booster app on the Play Store, ITL Phone Cleaner will keep your Android performing as good as new.

Here are the key features that make ITL Phone Cleaner your ideal pick.

Junk Cleaner (Clean Your Phone)

  • The application offers an easy-to-use, user-friendly interface to clean residual files left behind by uninstalled apps.
  • It can easily analyze, scan and delete unnecessary junk files, system cache, app cache, apks, temporary files and empty folders from your Android phone.
  • It is a lightweight yet powerful application that offers safe cleanup without consuming much time.

Speed Booster (Boost Your Android Device)

  • It lets the user monitor and customizes processes running in the background according to their preferences.
  • It can boost device performance in one-tap.
  • It stops heavy, unresponsive tasks running in the background while gaming to boost your experience.
  • It does not let unresponsive tasks to run in the background thereby boosting its overall performance.

Battery Saver (Extend Your Battery Life)

  • ITL Phone Cleaner offers secure charging. It displays battery capacity, temperature and remaining usage time.
  • The app monitors the cause of overheating. It lets you customize high power consuming parameters like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Vibration, Brightness, and GPS to save more battery life.
  • It lets you create a customized profile to allow different power setting function at your convenience.
  • It terminates apps that run in the background to further extend battery life.

Duplicate Photos Cleaner (Clean Similar Photos)

  • It finds exact duplicates and similar looking photos and lets you delete them.
  • ITL Phone Cleaner also helps you delete poor quality photos and blurry shots.
  • It also helps you customize the degree of duplicity to match your requirements.

Social Media Cleaner (Clean Your Social Media Files)

  • It scans and deletes useless social media files sent and received through various platforms.
  • It acts as a social media memory saver tool to increase the speed of your lagging smartphone.
  • It also clears social media cache data and offers you more space on your device.

CPU Cooler (Cool Down CPU Temperature)

  • It does not allow apps overheating your device from running in the background.
  • It monitors device temperature and cools down your phone on a single tap.
  • It reduces CPU usage by freeing up unwanted RAM space.

Game Booster (Speed Up Gaming Experience)

  • It releases RAM to boost gaming speed by up to 50-60%.
  • It places your game on priority for a better gaming experience.
  • It also kills high power consuming apps to speed up your game.

Antivirus (Secure Your Phone Data)

  • It performs a deep scan to keep your data safe in real-time.
  • It notifies users about apps that are virus infected and helps you to uninstall them.
  • ITL Phone Cleaner also offers a whitelist feature where users can add safe files and skip scanning to save time.

App Manager (Manage Your Apps At One Place)

  • It lets you uninstall hardly used applications so that users can save more space.
  • Users can manage installed apps on the phone in one go.
  • It lets you backup APK files so that it is less time consuming while restoring them in the future.

Other Popular Junk Cleaner and Phone Booster Apps for Android

While ITL Phone Cleaner can keep your Android device performing on the roll, we have also come up with 5 similar Android cleaner and speedbooster apps that are worth trying.

#1 Space Cleaner

Space Cleaner is a fast, lightweight clean and boost your android device with no ads. It cleans up junk files, speeds up the phone by up to 80% and uninstalls app in one tap.

Junk Cleaning Features

  • It analyzes and removes junk files, cache temp files, and residual files to free up space and improve device performance.
  • The app has a friendly and simple user interface and claims to millions of junk from your phone in a single tap.

Phone Boosting Features

  • The app stops background process to free up more RAM.
  • It helps you enjoy a smoother Android experience as redundant files have been removed.

#2 DU Speed Booster

DU Speed Booster&Cleaner app is another perfect choice for optimizing your Android. It gives users the freedom to remove every single trace of junk and cache files and boost speed. It has a Speed Accelerator option that kills apps and processes running in the background.

While the Trash Cleaner deletes all the caches, its Advanced App Manager uninstall the apps you seldom use. It also comes with a permission manager that lets you scan and review permission for every app installed on your phone. There is also an antivirus scanner & best cleaner app.

#3 Clean Master- Space Cleaner & Antivirus

Clean Master is the most popular junk cleaner on the Play Store. It is also one of the highly downloaded Android optimizers in the world. Here are the key features that make Clean Master unique:

  • It auto cleans cache files, junk files, search history, call logs, etc.
  • It hibernates unwanted apps to boost phone speed.
  • It can cool down CPU and also save battery life while accelerating device’s performance.
  • Its one-tap boost can accelerate gaming speed by 30%.
  • Its App Manager can uninstall unnecessary bloatware.
  • The Antivirus scans for malware-infected files and vulnerabilities.

#4 CCleaner

Like ITL Phone Cleaner, CCleaner is an all-in-one app that cleans up unwanted files occupying your valuable space. The main function of this Android cleaner is wipe cache data from apps, delete browser, phone histories and remove empty folders clogging up extra disk space.

There is an App Manager that lets users select multiple apps for uninstallation. The System Info displays information about CPU, RAM and other devices under a single space.

You need not root your device to use CCleaner. Plus it is available for free on the Google Play Store. Though, light on its features, you can use it as a good alternative to reclaim your storage space and boost phone.

#5 All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner, Booster and App Manager

All-In-One Toolbox is a multifunctional phone cleaner and speed booster for your Android phone. Apart from accelerating speed, it also extends battery life, manage various apps and protect your privacy.

It terminates power hungry apps from hogging battery life while improving speed. There is a built-in file manager to manage files and a game booster that lets you play resource hungry games with ease.


An Android optimizer app is not strictly necessary. Your phone will keep running even when you do not clean junk files, provided you upgrade your phone frequently.

Being said that, Android cleaners like ITL Phone Cleaner( thebest phone cleaner app) can help you reclaim a lot of space and boost performance. No harm no foul.