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How to Organize Your Computer Racks

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Maintaining an organized server room is essential for making sure that everything runs smoothly. Keeping everything organized also helps to prevent people from tripping over cables or having the cables block important equipment. Fortunately, to help create an organized space with less hassle, here are 6 tips:

1. Buy cables in bulk.

Some people prefer to cut their own cables to the right length while others prefer to buy in bulk. When you buy cables in bulk, you can still determine the lengths that you need to ensure that each piece of equipment is reached. By checking what lengths are available for purchase, you can also make custom racks to best organize them.

2. Use computer racks.

One of the easiest ways that you can keep everything under control is to organize your computer racks. Although many people use them for storing other computer equipment, computer racks and cabinets can be used for organizing cables as well. If you use cabinets and custom racks with openings in the back, you can keep your cables organized and safely out of the way.

3. Bundle the cables.

If you want to organize an unsightly mess, bundling the wires is easy and inexpensive. All you need to do is bundle the wires together with zip ties, Velcro strips, or even twist ties. Velcro strips tend to be a more popular choice since wires can easily be added and removed. If you choose to use zip ties, be sure not to use them on fiber cables since they can damage the wires.

4. Implement a color coding system.

If you use numerous cables for different purposes, a color coding system can greatly benefit you. For example, if you have a server room, you can use only green cables for your ethernet cables or blue for your printers. By color coding your cables, you will easily be able to perform maintenance without wasting time and effort grabbing whatever cable is closest to you.

5. Use a labeler.

If you don’t want to purchase entirely new cables, you can instead get a generic labeler to help keep track of your cables. Using the labeler, you can apply the label along the length of the cable or wrap it around the ends. However, if you want to make the labels easiest to see, applying labels along the length of cables tends to work best.

6. Keep the power cables away from the ethernet cables.

Due to the Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) that power cables cause, they should be kept away from other cables as much as possible. If you do have to run your power cables near the CAT5/6, make sure to do so at the right angles.

As you can see, there is plenty that you can do to help organize a server room and make it a safe place to work. By organizing the cables properly with these 6 tips, you will also be able to regularly maintain your system with ease.

Andrew King is a freelance IT technician. He loves to help businesses get the help they need when it comes to IT by writing on business blogs.