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Online Trading On-the-Go – Why does it matter?

online trading

On today’s rushed and globalized society, if you can’t offer users your services on-the-go, then don’t even bother, because all of your competitors already have. And when dealing with something as delicate, precise, and ever-changing as the stock market, what we need is state-of-the-art mobile development.

Fortunately, CMC Markets took this job very seriously, and proof of that is their multiple-award-winning Android App for CFD trading which you can find out more about it at on their website,  also available for iOS.

online trading

Before we take off, here are some small pointers regarding CFD trading, so that we can fully appreciate what the app really brings to the table. A CFD is a way of trading assets online in which you try to predict if the prices will rise or fall compared to the price you paid when you opened the position. Needless to say, these values are extremely volatile and are constantly changing by the microsecond, and this is especially true in one type of CFD called countdown, where you try and predict the outcomes in really short intervals, usually just 30 seconds.

Their app also offers some really cool features, such as:

  • Guaranteed stop-loss orders, which will close your position whenever it reaches a certain parameter.
  • A pattern recognition software which will send push notifications whenever it detects certain patterns in the charts, indicative of a predictive movement in those assets. This aids you in your decision making, by having control of all the data.
  • A fully customizable search engine where you can set all the different filters to find products based on location, performance, and even volatility. So you can make good profits out of falling markets.
  • 5 different layouts which you can also customise to show you just the pertinent information you choose to see.
  • Live data streaming on all products, with intervals as low as 5 seconds.
  • Chart representations and live news feed, to take into consideration whenever you think about opening or closing a position.

To be able to access such sensitive data at a rate which still makes it possible to perform all these serious tasks without any obstacles is simply remarkable. This craze for reliable and on-time information is really pushing mobile development to reach new horizons. Which in turn, is pushing the financial market to new heights. All this pressure in a land where the only king is customer satisfaction, the possibilities are endless.

An evolution in mobile services.

It was just in this generation that we were able to take our first pictures with our cell phones’ cameras, or even send simple short messages via SMS. Today, I can operate in the stock market, buy and sell forex options, with full visibility of my account and knowing all my sensitive information is going to stay secure, all while stopping by a local cafe to have an espresso.

Mobile vs. Web – How wide is the gap?

As the years go by, another sector is also forced to improve its products, and that is mobile hardware parts. Mobile phones are an extension of most people nowadays and to think that there are some tasks which you cannot do on your smartphone still drives people mad. How long before our smartphones can be just as capable as our laptops? Not long, we expect.

With this wild growth in freelancing jobs, and financial independence through several investment opportunities, people no longer need to stay in one place. Society’s needs are changing, and so must change the market as well in order to survive. Just the same way as the physical storage era is slowly coming to an end, so is the era of limited mobile services.