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Online Language Apps and Lessons That Will Have You Speaking An Asian Language in No Time

Learning a second or even third language is important, especially in a world that is becoming more and more interconnected not just in communications but also in business. Another language that you’re fluent in is also a notable feather in your proverbial cap, and a formidable addition to your list of skills.

Learning a language can be a challenge, but there are many tools at your disposal that can help you learn the language of your choice. For example, there are many language learning apps that are available online that will help you learn any language you want. There are even a growing number of apps and lessons that will teach you various Asian languages, which is notable since Asia is fast becoming not only the favorite tourist destination in the world, it is also becoming an economic powerhouse and business hub.

Below are noteworthy language learning apps and lessons that will help you learn the Asian language of your choice:


Busuu is well known for building an online community where people who are learning a new language can communicate with native speakers, which is one of the best way of becoming fluent. But Busuu actually develops language learning apps for mobile devices. These mobile language learning apps have been designed to focus on conversational skills and vocabulary, which are the essential factors for becoming truly conversant in the language. One of the best features of Busuu is the opportunity to join an online community where you can get to converse with the native language speakers of the language you are learning. This is actually the best way to learn a language – real world practice.

Learning Indonesian

This free app is a complete language course for learning Indonesian. This has been designed to make the user become fluent in Bahasa Indonesia. The cool thing is that this app is also free.


This is a cool series of lessons – over 100 of it – that will teach you to learn Japanese. The course is aimed towards the absolute beginners, which makes it the best jump off point for anyone who want to learn to speak Japanese.


Here’s another comprehensive language course that is geared towards beginners. The KoreanClass101 course is a downloadable series of lessons on iTunes that feature audio and video lessons and even a vocabulary word of the day. This is something to really check out since it looks like Korean Pop is about to invade the world – just look at PSY.